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By Terrance G Kern on August 13, 2016

Thanks for your interest in becoming a contributor to thetexasseocompany.com  Before you submit your application, please review the following list of guidelines:

  • Articles must be at least 1000 words in length.  The tone of your article should be generally positive and easy to read.  A good rule of thumb is to review some of the articles we’ve posted to get a feel for the writing style we write for usprefer to use.
  • It’s required that every article submitted for publishing to our website be 100% unique and original.  We will be using plagiarism tool’s such as copyscape and other’s to make sure all articles are unique.  We will not approve articles that have have already been posted on another website or blog.
  • We will not approve submissions that their sole purpose is to plug a product or brand or if they appear to only be written to generate links for a content farm.
  • We offer a “Author Bio” area for each author that has articles published on our website.  This author box can include a brief profile along with links to the author’s website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
  • If a submitted article makes any claims it must include factual evidence for this claim.  If an article does make claims and these are backed by factual evidence, we ask that links be included to the previously published articles, scientific papers and/or credible news.  This allows our readers to investigate the points in the article and creates a better overall user experience.
  • We will respond to all submissions within 7 business days.  The submitted article will either be accepted and published, we’ll request edits to be made or the article will be rejected and require a complete rewrite.
  • You can submit as many articles as you would like and we’ll schedule them accordingly
  • All submissions will be required to agree to the Terms of Service for Thetexasseocompany.com.
  • Please make submissions to tkern@thetexasseocompany.com –  We are looking forward to reviewing your work!  Have a great one.

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