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By Terrance G Kern on January 3, 2014

WordPress Design for Texas Businesses.

Being a Texas WordPress Design Company doing wordpress websites for Texas.  We take pride in making sure your site looks great and converts at a high level. Originally created as a blogging tool rivaling Google’s Blogger platform, WordPress today is a great website development tool that allows Texas companies to easily manage content, group content and display content.  Now WordPress Designs are tremendous for Google SEO! Not sure where to start or short on time to do it yourself? A Texas website design service can assist you in customizing a professional WordPress website for your business, taking care of all the technical backend stuff so you can focus on what is most important, and your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get a quote on your professional WordPress Website.  Call 855-877-0040 for a FREE Competitor Analysis. You’ll fall in love with our process, look and customer service.  It works like this, you sit with a designer, and they personally develop your idea, give you a mock up and work on the final details from there.  When you need a Texas Web Designer .   Let’s take a look at some of the benefits involved with this world class platform.

Texas WordPress Design

1. WordPress is User Friendly

Right off the bat, WordPress is structure to find things easily.  The left navigation allows easy access to adding new pages, images, blog posts, etc. in a breeze.   The interface requires little to no formatting knowledge and there are several plugin that can assist you with other valuable functions.  Also, there is no need to be an HTML expert, nor is there any need for additional FTP software to upload images, videos or documents. However, if you are familiar with HTML, CSS, JQuery, etc; WordPress allows you the ability to customize coding for a truly unique, personalized website. You’ll need a professional Texas WordPress Design Company to assist you in achieving a high level website that converts traffic into ROI.

2. The WordPress Platform is SEO Friendly

Most of the time companies put up a Texas web property to be found by new customers in the search engines and give their customers easy access.  Plus, we are very sure you know how important search engine optimization (SEO) is. Since the coding behind a WordPress site is so simple and concise, search engines are able to easily read and index the content.  Also, each page, image or post can have keyword-driven meta descriptions and titles for targeted Texas search engine optimization. To sum this up, WordPress websites give companies the ability rank higher in online search results, which means more exposure for your business.

3. Blogging???

According to Google, some of the most important things to do when having a website is offer visitors valuable, usable content. Whether that’s through rich media, how to’s or via a blog post, there must be information on the site readers will enjoy or find useful during their visit. Even if your an ecommerce company, additional content focusing in on specific categories through a blogging feature helps in providing their customers with useful information, news and announcements about the products and services they sell.  A WordPress design, gives you a built in blogging platform that’s easy to use and extends the business reach to assure a more dynamic and entertaining visit. If your located in Dallas and are looking for a Dallas Website Design Company.  Look no further.  Just click on the link to find the best in town

4. There’s More.

Available WordPress theme’s already come loaded with many different features to create a great looking, functional website, but optimizing a custom look with the use of plugins enhances the aesthetics even further. Plugins (free and costs) are downloadable items available through the platform that enable you to add more functionality to your site. For example, you can add a contact form, analytics or even social metrics to your website with plugins.

5. More than One User

 Texas WordPress Design for SEO

After you have complete your WordPress look , regular content creation, distribution and marketing will always be a must.  Most of the time Business owners just don’t have the time to do it themselves.  There are tools that allow for multiple user creation so, if you’d like someone else to add content to the site simply specify how much access you’d like to apply to each user.  Also, you don’t have to worry about anyone sabotaging the site’s integrity. You may adjust settings, allow approval or rejection of the users’ content before it publishes live on the Internet.

6. Social Media

If you haven’t implemented social media marketing as a means of getting more exposure, you aren’t doing marketing right.  Consumers are utilizing social media every day to find the products and services they want and need, so there’s no question your business has to be there, too. WordPress allows easy connection of your website with your social media outlets, therefore your visitors will be able to find your Facebook business pages, Twitter account and other social media pages. The art of meshing your social media pages with your WordPress website give you additional credibility.  If you set it up properly so it updates all spaces at once rather than having to visit each page individually and manually updating them you know have a very powerful network of business pages.

7. A Website flexible enough to grow with your business

In the beginning, your professional WordPress design may only contain a couple pages. As it becomes established and the Internet portion of your company grows, the site can grow with it to include hundreds of pages if you so desire. Performance is never compromised as your site grows with more g posts, pages and media. Call 855-877-0040 for a FREE Competitor Analysis.

We hope you now understand that using WordPress for your company’s website is a fantastic way to go. In terms of aesthetics, dynamics and ease of use, it outranks all other content management platforms on the Web.  Feel free to give us a call or just fill out the form above and one of our designers would be happy to get all your idea’s together.  At the end of the day, your site will not only be aesthetically beautiful but, you’ll have a team that understands the coding needed to be an authority for the search engines.   Have you called our Being a Texas WordPress Design Company, yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone have a web design business selling wordpress sites built off themes?

I started doing this in November, but with a slight twist. I get businesses up and running with an ecommerce site consisting of Wordpress and a premium Theme that links to eBay and Amazon. Effectively turning Wordpress + Woocommerce into a multi channel sales platform that juggles stock and can automatically fulfill orders from FBA. Also has the added bonus of being really easy for clients to use.

I put clients on a monthly subscription and so far everyone has made a positive ROI within the first month. Sites generally take no longer than a couple of days to put together for these SME's. Sometimes I even mock a site up in a couple of hours as part of the quote to really seal the deal, the process is that fast. Spin up a droplet on digitalocean, upload a few plugins, a theme and some images and you can knock someones socks off!

My angle is that I get businesses up and running with sales online with a minimum of effort on their part and they get to see the benefit almost instantly in most cases. I will advise on anything that my clients need, whether it's marketing advice, how to create a process for picking, packing and fulfilment etc - I'm more of a business consultant than a web designer most of the time!

The beauty of the subscription model is after setting them up you don't have to do an awful lot (use infinite wordpress to keep plugins, themes and core up to date and schedule backups), but you still have that direct tie to sell other services:
"Oh I see your Amazon and eBay sales are going great, seems like the perfect time to start driving some traffic direct to your site - have you thought about facebook marketing?"

The beauty of Wordpress is that there is a plugin for most things you'll ever need:

- I just did a quick site for a Salon, noticed their booking system didn't work - found a plugin that's awesome and upsold it! Furthermore, now I have a robust Salon platform to sell.
- I picked up another client that needed to smooth out their ordering processes they required a form to be downloaded, printed, signed and then FAXED back to issue a veterinary prescription so I found a plugin that works with Gravity Forms where you can fill out some fields, digitally sign and BOOM, your order gets emailed directly to the dispensary.
- I have a friend who has made a platform for personal trainers where they have a client portal which they can track clients progress through, send food plans, log vital statistics etc...
- Don't even get me started on what's available with Zapier...
Order created in Woocommerce->Customer details and order details imported into Quickbooks Online->Customer details imported to mailing list and asked if they're interested in subscribing for offers->Customer details imported into a CRM for followup/customer care list goes on and on (and that's just for customer orders).

What I'm trying to say is... I think there's much more scope than just being a guy who sells wordpress sites with theme customizations - if you're able to apply a little thought and really empower the businesses you work for you can provide a ridiculous amount of value. No need to feel guilty either - not many people can actually make a wordpress site + theme look good! It's still a skill!

Is it cheating to use wordpress to make the sites in my web design portfolio?

No it’s not cheating, you’ll simply lose your job if you don’t know how to code 😂 also employers test your knowledge before offering a job .

Should i design my portfolio website from scratch or use something like wordpress?

Making a Wordpress site is super quick, so why not both? Build a Wordpress site so you have something high-quality you can use now, and work on your custom site on the side. Your work-in-progress custom site can even be a portfolio entry on your Wordpress-based site, so you can start to highlight it before you actually make a switch. A custom portfolio site is a portfolio entry in-and-of-itself, but it's front-and-centre; if it's rough and unpolished, it'll leave a worse impression than a solid Wordpress site. If it's slick though, it looks really good on you, so it's definitely something to work towards if you're interested.

Should i use wordpress or design a website myself?

Your probably better off going with a professional company that can manipulate the code.
That way you can get beyond the limitation of just the theme.

How do i find a programmer to build my wordpress design?

We have a large staff at the Texas SEO company to help out if you are looking for a programmer to help you develop your website.

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