What to expect from your political pay per click campaign

By Terrance G Kern on October 27, 2015

Pay per click advertising for politicians

Pay per click gets the paid, listed websites usually at the right of the top search results, allowing the people who searched for anything similar to that can have a look at the website. The marketer pays the vendor for every click on the site that came through the search page and such. Though the payment is for each click but with the benefits coming along with it, costs are surpassed. Pay per click advertising for politicians hence can be a crucial tool while trying to reach masses with their message. This helps the campaign site to be placed amongst the top results and the visits also increase exponentially with the help of pay per click.  Amongst many, this is one of the most cost effective and target specific measures to get internet traffic.

Harnessing the power of Google SERP using PPC advertisement

Google AdWords displays the paid sites right to the regular search results. Various measures can be taken to make it an efficient medium of reaching masses by, for example, stating the targeted city/province, the age group of the voters, the socio economic class of the voters, the key reforms/policies that the political campaign wishes to attain once victorious and such.

Also if the political campaign wishes to bring about a major change unlike its competitors’ campaign, then they have to make sure their message reaches the voters to sway the votes into their favor. After all, having the best of policies and reforms lined up won’t help the cause even a bit if not known by the voters. For example, if a political campaign wishes to lower the college fees for students, what benefit will it yield if the parents and students are totally unaware of it?  Hence pay per click comes in handy in situations like these. If the policy is of such to lower the tuition fees, then while a student searches for colleges to get admitted into, he/she comes across a search result saying, ‘With the election of ours, your fees go down’. The impact that might have on the student’s mind is enormous.  This was a mere example of how one can play to their competitive advantage by reaching the intended target groups.

political internet marketing campaign

Pay per click advertising for politicians holds a very crucial aspect in the chances of a politician winning, as the reforms/policies to be undertaken by the politician will now be known the voters, to be specific, will be known the voters for whom the policies/reform promises were made in the first place. Also it helps keep off unnecessary traffic off the website. As much internet traffic is wanted by all, for political campaigns getting the specific traffic is crucial and pay per click just makes sure of that.  A healthy combination of correct keywords, specific target groups and pay per click advertising for politicians might just be the stepping stone towards winning the election.

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