Utilizing Google Webmaster Tools to improve your Texas Website Design

By Terrance Kern on May 12, 2014

Today we’ll be taking an in depth look at Google webmaster tools and how it can improve your Texas Website Design.   As a professional Website Design Company Texas we understand that how to analyze the different sections/categories within Google webmaster tools will help your website get found in the search engines.  In this post we’ll be Identifying which pages of the site are being displayed the most, what are some of the best keywords they are ranking for and investigating the websites backlinks to determine which sites are communicating with a website.. Finally we’ll explain how to check for crawl errors.

Having Google Webmaster Tools operating properly on your Texas website for Texas Internet Marketing gives any webmaster awesome immediate data to review and assist in marketing a web property.  Let’s take the following slides to show why Google Webmaster tools is vital for any webmaster to have in growing a Texas website for their Texas Business.   At a glance, just from the dashboard inside Google webmaster tools there is some very valuable information such as Total Impression’s and clicks from those impressions, total pages submitted/indexed and if any crawl errors had happen.

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Searching further on other available data, located on the left hand side, a webmaster can notice key features such as Search Appearance, Search Traffic, Google Index and Crawl sections.  Inside each of these sections Google attempts to inform, assist and educate webmasters how to provide information to Google.  Therefore, Google will in return inform the webmasters what is appearing, what position it appearing in and what has not made it through to Google Search.  Therefore, utilizing every section of webmaster tools to provide quality information that Google wants, give’s a website more chance of being displayed to Googles End users.

For instance if you’re looking in the Google Index section under the “Content Keywords” category a webmaster can identify what Keywords are being recognized by Google and the pages they are associated with.  As every webmaster knows, the more keywords your website is appearing for the more opportunities the website has to get a visitor.  With more visitors there is potential for more inquiries and more inquires lead to more attempts to sell the websites products or services.  In this particular situation we have a national company providing a variety of different building products to their end users.   Their end users utilize these products for a multitude of different tasks.  Notice the main Keyword being “buildings” and the different variants.  After that webmaster tools provides the top urls associated with the main keyword or variants.

Content Keywords for Texas Websites SEO




Variants encountered
buildings, building, building’s

Google found the keyword buildings and its variants on these top pages:

Top URLs


Since  Google displays this information it’s easier for webmasters to improve upon existing pages and assist the keywords associated with those pages.

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Who’s linking to your website? Linking your Texas Website Design for SEO

Linking, if you have spent any time marketing a website, is one of the most important things webmasters could be doing to building the overall authority of a website.  Using other websites that are low quality, irrelevant or don’t apply can be more harmful than helpful and a big waste of time.  Therefore, if you have had an SEO company or hired someone in house to assist you with your SEO it’s easy to notice what has been done in the “search traffic” of webmaster tools.

The “links to your site” section will display all the site communicating with the main website and is a good place for webmasters to analyze the health of their linking.  No two links are created equal and just getting links to have links is not a linking strategy.  Analyze your links, watch the effect of them, if they are not improving on your authority its best not to have it at all.  Most of the time it’s best to have only a few authoritative communications the other bulk communications may dilute the authoritative ones.  Therefore, if you see a bunch of different links that don’t make sense with your niche, it’s probably best to get rid of it.

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Which pages on your website are the most popular and what queries are associated with those pages?

Another great data sample that webmaster tools allows webmasters is the ability to see which webpages and which queries are doing the best.  Inside this same “Search Traffic” section there is a sub category named “Search Queries”.  By going inside this tab Google displays two sections “top queries” and “top pages”.

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When you’re in the top queries section Webmaster tools will show you which queries give the most impressions, clicks, click through rate and the average position for those queries.  The same applies for the “top pages” section and by interchanging between the two it’s visible as to which queries go with what pages.  Furthermore, popular pages tend to unveil additional long term queries, not “Texas SEO” that may not have been thought of when initially developing content.  If you’re an internet marketer and always looking to extend your keyword list, go back to the top pages and top queries section most likely it will inspire additional content to focus in on queries that will bring supplementary good traffic.  Keep in mind, if a top page is getting great impressions, bringing a good amount of clicks and has a good CTR try to build more like it with longer query focus.  You’ll be greatly pleased with the increase of queries you appear for and the buyer intent traffic it will produce.

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Why is identifying crawl errors important?

Always remember that Google sends out spiders to crawl pages, gather information and bring that information back to their super database.  The information Google receives determines who will be a valuable search engine result to whomever their end user is searching for.  If your pages are not being crawled it is impossible for you to be display to your potential customers.  Inside Webmaster tools webmasters are updated by Google if they have these particular errors.  Inside the “crawl” section of webmaster tools there are several sub categories.  There is the crawl errors, crawl stats, fetch as google, blocked urls, sitemaps and url parameters categories.  We are only going to be focusing in on the crawl errors section for this matter.  As mentioned, above if you’re getting errors Google is not receiving that information for their search engine so, these sections give you the error and how to fix them.

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In Summary, Google gives a webmaster vital tools to help Google provide better information for its end users.  Using these different sections and categories to identify the health of your website allows you to improve on how your website is communicating with Google.  If your looking to get better rankings and more traffic to your website utilize  their assistance.  Happy searching everyone.  We know how important understanding Webmaster Tools is to enhance your Texas Website Design appearance in the search engines so we courage you to contact a Professional Website Design Company Texas to assist you in your journey.  Don’t hesitate and contact us today at 855-877-0040 and get your FREE consultation today!

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