How to Utilize Header Tags for Longer Tail Keywords

By Terrance Kern on September 22, 2014

Header Tags within your landing pages can help take advantage of  very long tail queries when utilized properly.  Most website owners don’t take advantage of the power H2’s, H3’s etc. and significant traffic they can provide for you.  For example, if my main keyword is “SEO Company”  I can use h2’s, and 3’s for variations that won’t give me a tremendous amount of traffic but can very well give me the targeted traffic I’m looking for without a whole lot of competition.  In the long run have adjectives such as “affordable”, “services”, “firm”, “top” and other variations for the H tags I can indicate to bot’s that these are my most preferred type of traffic other than just the Main Keyword optimization.

Different Ways website owners mis-use their H-tag’s

1)They put their navigation within h’s:   Look into the source code and find the different ways website owner’s use the h tags.  For Instance, Here is a graph I see all the time.  In this instance we have a Mall in the D.C. Area mis-using the H-tags.

<section id=”homedeals” class=”span-9 last”>
<h2><a href=”/sales”>
<img src=”/mimages/lerner11/todaysdeals-sm.png” alt=”Today’s Deals” border=”0″/>

How does it make any sense at all to put “Today’s Deals” in a tag that tells Google what you offer?  Wouldn’t it make much better sense to a section of the Mall or a specific Deal?   Nevertheless, it isn’t uncommon because, web developers just are not SEO’s.  In this case it’s going to take a professional SEO company to come in here and recode the site for it to be read by Google bot better.

Correct Use of H-tags for Long Tail Keyword Variations.

In closing H-tags are call signals that tell Google bot what that section of your landing page is all about.  Therefore, use the H’s to tell Bot that you will be speaking about something specific and then put the the keywords in the page again.  For Instance, in my h3 I used the the keyword “h-tags”.  Thus, this paragraph has to back up the notion that this paragraph is speaking about h-tags.  Is it?

One thing you shouldn’t be doing with your H1 tag is using it more than once on a page unless really necessary. Especially if your utilizing Austin PPC Typicall pages will have only one h1 heading and including two might aggitate search engines think this that it is be used for minipulative SEO reasons wondering why a page has multiple h1 tags. the better way to go about it would be to divide the content into two separate topics on individual pages with their own h1 tags. This makes more sense to both readers and the search engine spiders when they are categorizing data to issue in search results.

All in all, segmenting the page into different topics utilizing other “long tail” type of queries gives your page the ability to speak of many different variations of your “root” keyword so, the page itself can give search engines buying intent scenarios as well as relevant ones.  A good example can be found reading this Austin SEO company demonstrating well thought out H tags.


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