Top 10 Reasons Why Using Ad Extensions in Your PPC Campaign Is Important

By Terrance G Kern on December 9, 2017

For many businesses in e-commerce or those looking to tap into the huge traffic coming from Google, using PPC ad extension campaigns is inevitable. After all, 65% of all clicks from people who are looking to buy a product, go to paid advertisement.

The challenge you and most other businesses may be having is achieving consistency with your paid ads and being among the beneficiaries of the 65% of clicks from visitors with high commercial interest. This is what makes the difference between having an average return on your investment and achieving sales that drive your growth and bottom line.

Fortunately, the solution to your problem is something you should be familiar with only that you are not fully maximizing, that is the use of ad extensions. You already know ad extensions serve to provide more details about your business and what you are offering but that is not all they do.

There are several types of ad extensions you can use yet you are probably using one, or just a couple of them on your paid ads. Whenever I do a review of paid ads performance, this is the first thing I check because ad extensions have such a high impact on how your advertisement will perform on so many levels.

To give you an idea of what you are missing out on with the ads, here are ten reasons why any business or organization should be using ad extensions.

  1. They are free and easy to set up

The common reason most first time users of PPC ads have for not using ad extensions is fear of extra charges for the space below the main advertisement. The reality though is ad extensions are free and you get no extra charges other than the standard CPC rates. Some other cases like customer review ratings attract no cost if a potential customer clicks to see your business ratings.

The ad extensions are also easy to set up and unless you are being duped by a rogue digital marketing agency, you should not spend anything extra because this is something you can even do on your own if you have the time.

Adding these ad extensions, therefore, gives you a way to maximizing your ROI at no extra cost.

  1. They impact on your ad rank

Just because you have a paid ad appearing on Google’s search page does not guarantee you will get all the clicks you want. The rank of your ad matters a lot. In fact, on average 41% of clicks on a SERP, go to the first three paid ads.

Ad extensions increase the quality of your ads which is a ranking factor Google uses to rank ads on its search pages. Having the first rank can have a significant impact on your click-through rate (CTR) more than doubling the average CTR.

  1. They improve user experience

The ad quality mentioned above is determined by how often your ads get clicked in comparison with your competition. This way Google determines how relevant and useful they are to visitors. This means focusing more on the quality of your ads rather than just their location since quality can earn you a prominent location.

What the algorithm is interpreting is largely the user experience. Ad extensions by providing more details about your business and product, inform the user better allowing for easier decision making. People skimming through the top choices are looking for an ad that leads them and ad extensions serve that purpose.

They make the ad more comprehensive and beneficial to anyone looking for your product. For example, if you have pricing and location extensions, the visitor easily gets the additional information at a glance easily which influences his or her decision.

  1. Build your credibility

Doing business online largely depends on credibility and trust. Having your ads with only the headline and a single line copy denies you an opportunity to build your impression on potential customers. How you set up your ad determines whether potential clients will find confidence in your business and products.

When you use a rich mix of the extensions from customers ratings and location to call buttons, you build the impression of a credible business which can be trusted to deliver and can be easily reached for any inquiries.

  1. Increase your visibility

Ad extensions enable you to increase your visibility in a number of ways. First, by being more detailed your ad stands out easily from most. Additional site links also flesh out your add and give more options and information to a potential visitor.

Secondly, having social media extensions builds your links to those platforms and enriches your online network. Finally, as more people get drawn in by your ad, your rank rises to the prominent spots.

  1. Ad extensions increase your ads appeal

There is only so much you can convey with one or two lines of copy. With ad extensions, you get more chances to persuade your target customers. Promotion extensions enable you to create a sense of urgency and throw in a persuasive phrase like ‘home delivery’, ‘call now’, ‘discount on first purchase’, ‘instant access’ and more.

Your location in itself is a pull factor to clients looking for local businesses while the other extensions increase your appeal by answering the different needs the customer may have whether its communication, reviews, pricing or the pages to get the items on.

  1. Ad extensions get several of your other pages listed

Ad extensions specifically site link extensions allow you to get several other pages listed along with your ad. This means you can direct customers to more highly converting landing pages.

It allows you to advertise more of your business and also works well for optimizing the ads. The customers, on the other hand, appreciate because you provide them with shortcuts to products they want.

  1. They offer differentiation

The reason you resort to adverts is to easily stand out from competitors. However, you are not going to achieve this if you overlook using most, if not all ad extensions. You have to consider what your competitors are providing and use the ad extensions to put out your unique selling proposition.

Whether it is the price, discounts, customer care or even variety of goods, ad extensions allow you to state this at no extra cost. You are able to formulate a unique advertisement that is appealing.

  1. Increase conversion

Everything mentioned above adds up towards increasing your click-through rates and getting more conversions. PPC visitors to your site are 50% more likely to purchase something than those from organic traffic. This means all you have to aim for is getting your ads clicked and as the discussion above shows using ad extensions will deliver this which in turn increases your sales.

  1. It is easy to measure and change the performance of ad extensions

Just like setting ad extensions up, measuring their performance and tweaking them for better results is simple. Google even helps you to do this and all you have to be doing is A/B testing different aspects and realizing which extensions deliver better and resonate with prospective clients.

You should not hold back on the use of ad extensions because having them boosts all aspects of your PPC campaign.

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