The Technologies That Are Changing Businesses in 2018

By Terrance G Kern on September 14, 2018

In order to stay in the race for custom, let alone at the front of the competitors, businesses need to be embracing the very latest pieces of technology. If they don’t, their rivals will, and that’ll only ever result in a loss of profit in the long run.  If you own a business, then make sure you’re doing all you can to finance and incorporate 2018’s best technologies, such as those found below.


Automated technology, such as the Internet of Things, is changing the way many businesses in many different fields are going about their work. It is doing so because it is inducing connectivity, clear communication and quick response times. It is able to achieve this through the way it connects physical appliances with digital machines and devices, incorporating them all into a vast network in which information is transmitted freely. Quite simply, today, without automation or the IoT in the world of business, many industries would find themselves going backward due to the fact that not even half the amount of work that is currently produced would stand a chance of being constructed.

Even in a field that is as old as the world of work itself, manufacturing, processes are becoming automated. If you wanted to know more about the specific impact that the Internet of Things is having on manufacturing, then head to the IoT Solutions World Congress and pay close attention to the industry track, in which you will get the chance to listen to industry experts discussing manufacturing Internet of Things.


Something that has the potential to be transformative across all business fields is Blockchain, thanks mainly in part to the fact that blockchain increases transaction visibility. When implemented correctly, what such technology will do is help to forge strong relationships between businesses and their customers, the likes of which there have never really been, as the latter will be able to see their transactions stored and recorded at all times. It is that kind of trust that will keep customers coming back to businesses time after time.


Artificial intelligence is impacting the world of business because, through automation, machine learning, and computer vision, enterprises now have the opportunity to produce goods on a scale and at a timeframe like they’ve never been able to before. This update is most certainly needed given the way consumers are clambering for their produce in this day and age.

The area of business that is set to have the biggest AI impact is SEO. Known simply as AI SEO, this is going to take the world of search rankings by storm due to the way it’ll allow for the gathering of data on ad targeting, and because it will be able to determine the relevancy of all pieces of content with ease. So, if you own a business, make sure you’re embracing this type of machine learning. By doing so, your rankings will be boosted no end.

The technologies found above could take your business right to the top of its market. So, what are you waiting for? Start embracing them!

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