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By Terrance G Kern on December 31, 2013

Proven Texas Social Media Company

Being a Texas Social Media Company providing Social Media Texas is our passion!  Social Media marketing has created a huge opportunities for both small and large businesses alike this is why it is important to have a Texas Social Media Company promoting your brand correctly. Now, with more businesses than ever relying on Texas social media sites like Google+ Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin and Instagram, reaching customers at a moment’s notice is essential. If you aren’t utilizing these social media avenue’s as of yet, it should already be part of your marketing arsenal.  Doesn’t it make sense to have a professional Texas Social Media Company to achieve your goals?

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Just participating in online marketing will assist in sales and visits to your website but, these day’s it’s just not 
Texas Social Media Companyenough. You have to know how to use each social media tool correctly. Just as you would not use a garden hoe to work on a car engine, better results come by the utilization of each social media tool to highlight the strengths of each. When your working with a Texas Social Media Company your saying that your now have a partner with some skin in the game.

Every one of these social sites are very important to your business and have the opportunity of generating another connection, lead or sale. Point one, Search engine optimization improves when Google follow’s links and measures the activity to determine authority or popularity of the content.

Facebook: (Call Today and let one of our Facebook specialist customize a FB campaign tailored for your business)

Facebook, as an outreach to new audience, gives us exposure to over 1 Billion users Worldwide. It has an array of different avenues to reach this audience. Marketing to your customers through Facebook allows you to incorporate videos, photographs, status updates and sponsored ads as a means to do so. Not to mention, businesses can host discussions and post sales or links to their website. With the right strategy in play, Facebook alone, is a dominant marketplace and has big upside for business.

The major challenge on Facebook is identifying your target market and exposing that market to an offer that appeals to them. Millions of people use Facebook every day from all over the world and it’s easy for your message to get lost in all the clutter of constant posting, updates, newsfeeds, etc.. You will have to earn your audience on Facebook and be original. Post at least once a day is not enough if it’s a blanketed offer. Personalize your Facebook page as much as possible, post often and If it is in your budget, targeted ads by Facebook is a good value to help build audience.

Most importantly, after you have gained audience through Facebook make sure you are communicating with your customers about events, news or new items your website is offering and showcase your products.

Why Social Media Texas?

Google+: Google products are giving you the opportunity to discover more and reach more through there all in one products. Now, more than ever, you can run business and communicate with audience through Google’s Platform. If your going to do Social Media Texas, always remembering the name of the game is to build trust and authority +1’s help you achieve these social signal all so important to optimization. There are not quite as many users as Facebook but, Google plus is the fastest growing social media site and is very important to your business. I encourage you to reach out to us and let one of our G+ Social Media Texasspecialist customize a plan that is vital to reaching new customers through +.  Social Media is a huge part of your overall Texas Internet Marketing Campaign.  It’s part of internet marketing because, yo can easily reach your audience through the methods as well as influence them.

Social Media Improves your SEO!

Don’t think that launching a Google+ page isn’t worth it because, you feel that one social media profile is enough. There are several features Plus offers you just can’t get in the other Texas social media arena’s. A tested and proven Texas Social Media Company will help you measure the level of customer saturation and leverage + to assist in gaining audience. Google+ is a great way to assist with your Texas SEO and build up your reputation on Google+. Not only are we a Texas Social Media Company but, we also perform Search engine optimization for several cities providing Austin SEO Services.  It is much easier to rank for things organically when you have a good following in Google’s social site.  Your social media Texas campaign needs to consist of engaging the G+ audience using multiple variations

There are tools within the platform that Facebook and Twitter simply cannot offer, including the ability to host live demonstrations or meetings. This item alone offers endless possibilities for marketing and communicating with customers or potential customers in real time. Also, it allows for video recordings and presentations that can be upload to video channels or the website for training staff.  Other Social media Texas website’s such as Tumblr are very valuable to bring social signals and other authoritative communications about your company

These pages are easy to personalize for your Texas Social Media Company and if you need an extra boost to promote your posts create or join communities and share them. As always, I encourage you to reach out to one of our Google plus strategists for a personalized G+ campaign. (The phone # is at the top of the page)

Twitter, tweet, tweeting is not complicated, but an effective social media marketing tool. Unlike the other two platforms that allow you to be very elaborate, Twitter limits the amount of words you can use to 140 characters. Therefore, it forces you to be “to the point”. Nevertheless, it’s another immediate avenue to your audience and can drive considerable traffic and sales.

More importantly, different platforms accomplish different agenda’s. Users like twitter because, they can get the information they need quickly. If you’re doing a post on Twitter make, sure you mix it up. This really is the trick to social media. It needs to be a variety. There is no shoving the same sales pitch every day to see if someone will finally cave in. Make someone laugh, give them a valuable tip that will help their family, etc. Most importantly master the art of the hash tag (#) as this will enable users to find your tweets when they are searching for a specific topic.

Twitter holds steady as the second most popular social media site, so do not overlook this one. Like mentioned above, utilize Twitter for more than just quick reminders about sales, short promotions, discount codes and to link traffic back to your website.

We look forward to discussing all your social needs.  Feel free to get a free insight by contacting the #’s above or simply filling out the request form.  Make sure you get advice from a proven Texas Social Media Company before you launch your campaign


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