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By Terrance G Kern on June 19, 2016

Being a Roofer SEO Company & Doing SEO for Roofing Companies better known as “Roofer SEO” is our Passion!   When it comes to dominating your competition in the Roofing Industry your path to success starts here 855-877-0040.  Let’s take a look at this together so, we can set things

straight.  There is no better feeling than typing in your products or services into the search engines and finding your company to be one of the top Three listings in Google.  We certainly love it here at The Texas SEO Company.  We rank and services all different types of organizations from Every Industry. Just type in “Texas SEO” Contractor SEO Company “Celebrity SEO Company”, “Houston SEO Company” and hundreds more. So, let’s start there.  SEO is Universal, especially Roofer SEO.  Google is the same no matter what you provide.  They are trying to accomplish one thing and one thing only.  Organize the worlds data in an easy and accessible manner.  The way you deliver that information or in the format that Google wants the data the more likely you are going to become a valuable result to their end users.  Sounds Simple enough doesn’t it?   Well, it starts there.  The remaining items that need to be performed are very time consuming and a normal Roofing Company or Roofing Contractor doesn’t have the time to be doing it.  Their time is best spent running the business and doing the jobs.  Doesn’t it just make sense to have a dedicated Roofing SEO Company on your side then?  WE Have the game plan Starting with.  Call 855-877-0040 for a FREE Competitor Analysis.

Proven Roofing SEO Company with Data Driven Services

Here’s what sets us apart from our competition.  We use data to determine our next moves.  It’s all great and well said but, the data never lies and is not partial to skin color, words or social status.  We’ll easily breakdown your competition by showing you where they currently stand.SEO for Roofing Companies  We’ll show you all of their communications within the internet so, you’ll understand what measures you’ll need to take to out maneuver them.  Keep in mind, it’s important you utilize a Roofer SEO company that has tools to show you what your competition is doing.  Take this SERP’s page to the right.  If you type in “Roofing Companies in Texas” we’ll get the following results.  So, if “Roofing Company in Texas” is an important term for your business.  The first thing we like to do is to see what the top result is doing.  In this case, it is company X.   WE’ll do a thorough backlink profile report to see how your competition is communicating with the internet.  Mainly, we’ll be utilizing webmaster tools to monitor links on your own site.  At the end of the day, Analytics, webmaster tools, call tracking, conversions and ROI these are what is important.  We are technical junkies and the little nuances that make a site popular to Google Excite us but, that is nor here nor there with business owners.   They want results.  Call 855-877-0040 for a FREE Competitor Analysis.

How Do I improve my Roofer (SEO) Search Engine optimization?

We take alot of pride in our SEO for Roofers and This is our motto and we live by it today.  You need to build to last!  That mean’s every page has to have a purpose and you’re never done building out your asset.  Your Roofing Website is a huge determinant whether or not consumers are going to use your products or services.  It’s also, a goo Roofer SEOavenue for consumers to judge whether or not they are going to use you.  Therefore, you always have to be providing them with valuable offers and helpful features so, they are assured you’re the qualified company to earn their business.   The website is never done growing.  Getting granular in your offers is what makes you a better offer at times.  If I’m a roofing company looking to do search engine optimization for my roofing website I probably don’t offer just one type of roofing services.  For instance, we are a Houston SEO company providing Roofing SEO Services to roofers nationwide.  Nevertheless, we also do web development, social media and manage pay per click campaigns.  Therefore, for our business, we have to optimize for each service individually.  So, if you do commercial or residential roofing you have to label both in their own Categories.  Then let’s say you cover Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, etc and your doing Roofer SEO.  It would be wise to get GEO specific and Category specific to get the best results.  To take that even one step further.  Once you have a Geo location, a Category, then break down the Category to specific service such as “shingle replacement” or “metal”.   This way we can be very certain as to what information is going to Google and not just Broad Terms.  The key is to get as specific as possible with every page.  Make that page enticing enough with special promotions.  Such as this  Call 855-877-0040 for a FREE Competitor Analysis.

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