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By Terrance G Kern on August 4, 2016

There is nothing sweeter than seeing your efforts generate results!  Not to mention there is not a better qualified lead then one that comes from your organic listings.

On this page you’ll be witnessing many different occurrences where our customers have experienced significant results.

Case Study #1
Screen Printer Company selling Screen Printing Products Traffic Increase of 17.25% In just one month!  

Screen Printing SEO Results


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SEO Results Sample #2  –

An internet marketing company experiences 1080%+ increase in traffic in under 1 year.   Are these the type of result your looking for?

SEO Results in more traffic


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Case Study #3

Email Marketing Results


IN JUST 2 HOURS THIS VIDEO WENT TO PAGE 3 FOR A QUERY THAT GETS SEARCHED 72,000,000 TIMES!!!!!   A Texas Email Marketing Company at your service!



SEO Results Sample #4

Page one on Google in 7 Days!


Page 1 position 7 in 7 days!!

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PPC Case Study Results #5

Nationally Recognized and Award Nominated PPC Campaign

Banner ads for the most expensive products and created in each size variation to increase exposure on the display network. Custom Remarketing .GIF Banners ($75.00 per adgroup) x 50 =  $3,750.00
Campaign Revamp: Waived due to high monthly spend.
National PPC Campaign
Objectives: The client wanted to spend $350,000.00 – $500,000.00 between Google Adwords & Bing Advertising.
The objective was to be able to spend the above mentioned amount while maintaining a ROI threshold of 300% or more.
If we we’re to hit the goal, we were promised to have an unlimited spend as long as ROI could be preserved.
There was a two-prong approach to the strategy of this campaign. Identify ways to increase ROI by optimizing existing campaigns in addition to creating new campaigns where needed. (i.e – dynamic remarketing).
1) Identify where campaign was thriving.
Identifying Successful Historical Data Points: We analyzed the historical data to see which locations had the best performance, then we made bid adjustments to the campaigns based on our findings. We did the same thing when searching for products with the largest ROI through eCommerce reports & optimized accordingly. Last but not least, we analyzed several analytics reports to see which times of the day, week, month (even date of the year) to see when to bid more aggressively.
2) Identify areas where we could trim fat.
Trimming Fat: Part of the strategy was to reduce spend in areas that were not as profitable. A trimming the fat stage if you will, which required a very in-depth analysis of every adgroup & campaign in the adwords & Bing account.This was accomplished by adding negative keywords, analyzing keywords, and adgroups that were not performing well historically, & we spent time analyzing the daytime reports to see what time of the days/weeks/months had the most successful conversion rates. This was done to increase impression share, revenue, and ROI accordingly.
It was critical to keep the ROI over 300% despite the massive spend levels, meaning, we could not cherry pick high converting keywords.
Target Audience:
The client sells most of the products that are related to heating and cooling.
The client focuses on wholesale (b2b) as well as direct to consumer (b2c). Our strategy was solely based on keywords which performed over the predefined ROI threshold.
The target audience was those seeking to purchase any heating or cooling products from our client.
First we analyzed the current structure of their Dallas PPC campaign and found that it was very flawed and not created in an optimal way.
We recommended that they immediately start taking advantage of dynamic remarketing.
Case Study on Search Engine Journal:
Part One Explains how we set the campaign up using precision based remarketing list with custom segments based on user interaction data. (i.e – pages/visit, abandoned shopping cart, etc)
Each remarketing list had a banner ad unique to a specific product that the visitor showed interest in by adding it to the shopping cart but never completing the conversion. This was something they were not doing before, we setup dynamic remarketing campaign waited 60 days to see the results.
Part Two explains after gathering ample data the average ROI for the dynamic remarketing campaign was over 1600%. Which shattered the client’s expectations.
We noticed that the previous marketing company did not have any negative keywords, bid adjustments based on location of visitor, or based on ad schedules.
Being that 70% of their spend was going to the shopping network, we saw this as very concerning. Our team immediately optimized the shopping campaign in the following manner.
1. We identified the locations that were providing the best conversion rates along with other behavior metrics such as time on site, pages/visit, etc.
2. We also took the time to look at the day reports, to see what days of the week and months of the year were the best times to spend more with the goal of increasing impression share, while gaining more revenue. Simultaneously preserving the ROI threshold set by the client.
3. This campaign was also lacking custom labels. Our team created custom labels based on the profit margins for each product. Our team added labels to increase the bids for the products with the higher margins, thus bringing the ROI to new highs.
Exhibit 1: Contains summary KPI report. For executives at ACwholesalers to review during our meetings. A simple to digest spreadsheet that shows the spend and revenue broken down by search engine & corresponding month. Preceding the snapshot of the KPI report, you will find analytics reports that validate the spend and revenue for the adwords campaign. As well as a Bing campaign to validate the spend for the Bing campaign.
Exhibit 2: First interaction analysis report shows an even larger ROI of ___% when attributing the conversion to the first source/medium used by the visitor who converted.

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