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By Mervyn Kinuthia on February 18, 2018

Social media offers the perfect platform for engaging already existing customers. Thankfully though, that’s not all social media is good for. You can use channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to forge new relationships with existing customers.

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In this post, I’ll cover a number of tips that will help you take advantage of social media and sell your brand like a pro.

Appearance Matters

Just like you make yourself presentable when approaching new customers offline, you should always look your best when presenting your brand online. The first thing that prospective clients will see on your profile is your picture. Your profile picture should aim to present you as being friendly and trustworthy.

Looking formal is ok, but if you look too formal you might come across as aloof and unapproachable.

Next is your bio.

Your bio is the online handshake; how you introduce yourself matters. Not only should you tell people who you are, you should use your bio as an elevator pitch. Every single sentence should be constructed with your potential clients in mind. Always right in the first person, not the third, that is, “I like Pizza and fries” and not “he likes Pizza and fries”.

Once you’ve done all that, you should highlight your contact information on as many channels as you can possibly include, email, other social media handles, and even your phone number.

A site like LinkedIn offers sufficient space for you to tell a story about yourself. Most people make the mistake of using LinkedIn as just a resume file and this wrong notion is carried over to their LinkedIn page. Use your headline not just as a title, but as a way to explain how you can help your clients.

Don’t forget to include your location.

Since you’re selling your brand and services, you need to prominently feature your capabilities on your social media page especially if it’s on LinkedIn.

Be Credible

Even though your company already has a solid reputation you should aim to set yourself apart as your own woman and build your credibility as a person.

Use every chance you get to engage your followers and prospects on social media to establish a solid foundation and to grow your reputation.

Social media is a great place to show people how well you understand your industry. It’s also a great place to show people that you’re legit.

You need to join discussions taking place on social media by adding your own insights to topics of discussion in your area of expertise. Insights don’t always have to be your own, you can share useful articles with your social media audience.

Whatever you discuss though, should be aimed at solving your follower’s problems. Once you start resharing your own thoughts (that are useful), others will begin to reshare them and soon enough they’ll begin to have a conversation with you.

One of the ways that many influencers in the marketing space get people to identify them as influencers is by publishing their own articles on LinkedIn which then lead people back to the influencer’s site.

Another way you can use LinkedIn to build your credibility is by getting others to endorse you. You can achieve this by endorsing them first.

One more way is by asking your network to comment on your piece and share it as a way to get a discussion going.

Track Your Results

The most effective way of knowing how to sell better on social media is by monitoring your current efforts. By examining your results, you’ll easily identify what’s working and what’s not. Using this information ask yourself what you can improve on. By doing so you’ll be able to forge a path that will lead to greater success in future. Check out social selling and why it matters here.

For instance, you might be tracking your social media referrals only to find out that many of them leave your site as soon as they get on your landing page. This would be a key indicator that something’s wrong with the landing page so you’d change that.

Maybe you’ll discover that a significant amount of your social media traffic tends to spend too much time on a certain page. Using these insights, you can strategize on how to best frame your message regarding that particular page.

Even though it might be challenging to understand how your social media audience interacts with your page, there are tools out there such as Leadfeeder that will make an enormous difference. Using Leadfeeder, you can tell who your social media audience is that is, what organizations do they belong to.

By gaining access to this data, not only can you can easily tell where your warmest sales leads are coming from but what type of content they’re most interested in.

Monitor Discussions

If you want to know what your prospective clients are looking for in your service, you need to listen to them. You will then be in a better position to tailor your products to fit their needs.

Sometimes, your followers will go on social media to rant about a certain feature in your offerings that they really don’t like. At other times, they might vent about you specifically, the brand owner.

By listening to all this feedback, you’ll be in a better position to offer effective solutions. If your followers feel that you’re neglecting them, they might turn to your competitors for solution, so it’s always important to assure your customers that you’re paying attention to their every concern.

Monitoring conversations can be used to keep track of what others are saying about your competition. By doing so you’ll understand pain points that audiences in the industry grapple with, and you can try and address them in your marketing material.

Try and find out if you share any mutual connections with prospects, by taking advantage of your network you’ll easily be able to connect with new customers which might have taken longer.

Participate In Networks

If you have a hard time wondering where you can get prospects for your business, you should explore LinkedIn Groups.

Once you get accepted into the group all you’ll need to do to stand out is to share valuable information. The quality of information you share with these groups can be a make or break for you and your business.

To find an appropriate LinkedIn group all you’ll need to do is use keywords that are relevant to your industry.

Cultivate A Relationship With Your Prospects

The best way to nurture a relationship with your prospects is by listening to them. By paying attention and responding to what others are saying, you’re able to give more meaningful feedback.

You want to share useful content (not necessarily yours) that leads to a discussion amongst your followers.

Also, it’s good practice to respond directly when people reach out to you.

Another way to nurture relationships with your followers is by sharing user generated content. When doing this you should acknowledge the person as well as thank them for their insights.

I hope the above tips will be helpful in helping you achieve your social media selling goals in 2018 and beyond.









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