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By Terrance Kern on April 12, 2014

If your organization is running an ecommerce store, providing services or distributing products in Austin, TX your need to assure that business is getting visibility through the search engines.   There are a bunch of tools out there to give you a decent understanding of who is looking for products and services so, you can understand what type of exposure you can expect.  For Instance, let’s say you are a criminal defense attorney offering services in Austin, TX.   Google’s Keyword Planning tool will provide you with the amount of users looking for criminal defense services.  Not only that but, will also provide you with variations of your queries to find even more potential visitors. Look Below.
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You can’t always rely on these tools to give you 100% accuracy because, you never know what a potential buyer may type into the search engines.  Therefore, brainstorming about what topics that may not give you search volume in Google’s tools doesn’t mean it won’t bring great visitors that have Buying Intent.

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This is TheTexasSEOCompany.com ‘s moto.  We hold this moto because, it’s true. You’re never done building on your website.  There is always a topic you can produce content on that doesn’t always have to be the main search query you want to rank for.  Did you ever wonder why sites like Ebay, Amazon and Wikipedia appear for everything?  The reason is because, Google can trust them.  The reason why they trust them so much is because, Google know’s they will provide their end users with valuable useful content.  Plus, every time googlebot comes back to the site there is more and more valuable content for it to provide to its end users every time.  This is a great lesson of building to last.  You’re never done providing useful information to your end users.  Here at Thetexasseocompany.com we are doing the same.  Recently, director of Google Spam Team Matt Cutt’s even discussed that Google wanted to improve and are trying to improve their algorithms to recoginize authorities.  See the video below.

What Do Austin Search Engine users use when looking for products and services?

When you are business owner in Austin, TX  looking to find and Austin SEO Company to help you in the search engines it’s important that transparency is applied.  For, Instance If you were to ask your friend, neighbor or co-worker when what the last time the used Google.  I’m sure you find that answer to be today or all the time.   It’s true.  The real #’s aren’t out on the Search Engine super giant.   Google itself will claim to have about 67% of the search volume in the marketplace and Comscore will back that up with their reports on where people are going to search.  Google likes this because, it keeps them under the radar of being a Monopoly.  Bing and Yahoo like this because, it allows them to say they are still relevant and compete with Google.  In reality, these numbers are far too small.  I like the data that is given to use through an analysis done by Moz’s co-founder Rand Fishkin.  Where he state’s that # is more like 92%!  Take a look his this link that analyses the true Google search user marketshare.  Also, you should think about what Austin Internet Marketing Company is best for you

Websites that are properly optimized for the Search Engines in Austin become a valuable asset to your organization

Business are always looking for more exposure of their products and services.  Methods such as making strategic partnerships with other companies in which both parties bring synergies to complement the offers, traditional marketing and word of mouth are needed commodities.  Still, a website that is professionally optimized by a certified Austin SEO is what turns your website from just being a website to a valuable asset.  It’s the age old statement that “what’s the good of just having a website when no-one can find it?”   I won’t argue that promoting a website through other traditional means is not effective because, there are too many success stories of how companies use infomercials, radio or print to promote an event or establishment that want’s return customers.  Nevertheless, with the data provided by Google head of spam and Moz.com’d co-founder you can’t argue against search engines being a great place to have your company found.

The Search Engines have changed for Austin Search Engine users

Over the last couple of years Google has cracked down on manipulative search optimization for Austin Business’s.  If your not familiar with this information is is good for you to know that Google has release 4 major updates in a two year period with their most recent being hummingbird.  Many Companies got effected because, the archaic methods of article spinning and useless bot linking is out the window.  Matter of fact, these methods can get you filtered or even penalized if you’re not cleaning it up.  At the end of the day, it’s important you have a SEO Austin looking after your Search engine optimization for your Austin Business.  You’re a business owner your time should be spent running your business and with your customers.  You don’t have time to constantly spend 80 to 100 hr’s working on your website to make sure it is compliance with Google, correct?  If you did you wouldn’t be reading this post.    I encourage you to contact us today.  Let one of our professional Austin SEO’s give you an entire breakdown of your web presence.  We’ll thoroughly evaluate how your website is currently communicating with the internet, investigate your competition and identify what type of marketshare is available in your market.  There’s no obligation.  It’s simply our duty that you understand fully of what is involved for you company to be a success online.  Typically, an Austin SEO company could easily charge you upwards of $799 to perform these services but, we want to earn your business.   We want you to be assured you have SEO professionals Austin in your corner therefore we’ll do it for FREE.  Contact us today at 855-877-0040 or simply fill out the contact form for more information.

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