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By Terrance G Kern on June 20, 2014

Houston website design companyWhat is a responsive website design company Houston, TX? What can it bring to your business that you do not already have? The answer, is everything. That’s right, without a website, your business will be virtually useless. Is this to say that all the work you have done so far is absolutely in vain? No! If you think about it, you will realize that a website and a company go together nicely, and they form a sort of symbiotic relationship. Without the website the company cannot work, and without the company, well, you get the picture.

In any case, what you are dealing with is a world where everyone and everything has turned digital. In a few years, no one will remember what the word: TV actually means. There was a time when the Television was a device that utilized a cathode ray tube. Now? Now we receive our entertainment digitally, and while we might call it a TV, it is really anything but. With the introduction of smart TVs and other smart devices, the world is truly changing, and websites are an outstanding way to represent a business whether you want to admit it or not.  Don’t forget to get a Website Design Company Houston that has the ability to get you on the search engines as well.

How a Website Represents You

When it comes to your website, you will find that it is your front line representative, especially in today’s digitally dependent world. The last thing customers want to hear when asking about your business is: ‘we don’t have website’. They might still buy products from you, but you will always be referred to as ‘that company without a website’. We wish we were joking, but this is actually the case. Your website will only be the beginning. In the 90’s when the internet and slap bracelets were new, creating a website consisted of merely building an HTML page, adding a few links, and hoping for the best.

This was acceptable in part because technology was limited at the time. In fact, the front page of Yahoo was about as complex as webpages got back then! Today however, the technology is much more advanced, and as we learn more about the web, we are able to create sites that represent our companies better, perhaps as we envisioned them in the first place. It might seem impossible, but with  a good Houston website design company, we can make the impossible, possible. Or at least probably.

What is Responsive Web Design?

There is web design, and then there is responsive web design which is a bit more complicated.  As you are having your website created, you need to make sure that it is compatible with all of the different devices on the market today. There are several different types of tablets available from the popular Android tablet, all the way to the Windows  8 tablets that have been flooding the market. It is important to remember that all of these devices have different hardware and different types of hardware and they may not necessarily conform to any particular type of screen. With that in mind, you will want to look into responsive web design, and you will want to do so soon.

Responsive web design is essentially the art of creating a webite with a c universal concept which will carry over to a different version or format of the website. The new version will be compatible with a different type of device. So for example you might have one version of the page that is fully compatible with phone browsers while another works best on full sized browsers . There are also designs that will work on tablets, and you must also take into account that the majority of mobile devices are touch devices, meaning you will have to optimize your pages accordingly. In other words, what you want is a website with properly sized buttons and menus that appear properly when pressed.

An interesting thing to note is that all websites, regardless of their design, can be easily browsed using the standard computer web browser. It may not look pretty, but you can at least get a better idea of what your website will look like on a mobile screen at a different resolution. Most importantly, you will clearly see that there is more to responsive web design than simply changing the resolution.

Choosing a Designer for SEO Houston

Responsive web designWeb design Houston today is far different than it was  ten or even fifteen years ago. Wouldn’t it make sense to hire a Designer who is also a Houston SEO? At that time it was difficult to determine who had experience and who didn’t. In fact, it was very easy for an inexperienced web developer to jump into a job and use a yellow ‘For Dummies’ book to guide them on their way. Yes, those were the days, but those days are gone now. Web development today is far more than that. It is not only an art form, it is a professional position staffed by the elite and administered by the experienced. An old company known as ‘Top Page’ once said: Your web site is your face to the world; make it look good.

This phrase has held true for more than a decade even if the top page web software eventually faded into oblivion. Your website really is your face to the world, and you must ensure that you have knowledgeable people taking care of your needs. Keep in mind that visitors to your site will except it to be professional, and if they find that it is not(by their standards) they may not give you a second chance. Once you have the right webpage and right design, you will find that it is much easier to contact your customers, make sales, and ultimately spread your presence far beyond the small town or state that you started in. This is a brand new chance in a brand new technologically driven world. Make it count, and make sure you present yourself properly.  Call our Website Design Company Houston today.

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