Providing College Student lead generation

By Terrance G Kern on July 12, 2015

A good part of our internet marketing campaigns have to do with setting up eloborate search engine optimization and sponsored campaigns to produce college student leads.  These leads work very well for individuals or call centers/phone rooms looking to provide services or advertise to.   Students have a lot of challenges finding a good job when they come out of school because, there are just not alot of opening in the workplace and they find themselves with huge debt and a somewhat useless skill that doesn’t apply to the real world.  Mainly, being massively in debt and having a student loan to pay off is a big burden.  Therefore they go to the internet to find ways to help themselves out with this new burden.  This is were our company can help  we have collected millions of records on individuals in, coming out or have been out of school paying their student loans.  Basically, we all the data that we have collected is EDU data so, if you have are in the business of trying to get business from the college student leads industry call us.

Lead Generation for every industry.

After examining the need call rooms and call centers had for student data we recognized many times they would be promoting multiple offers and not necessarily within the college loan arena.  In fact, it would be a totally different industry all together.  Alot of phone rooms need leads for reverse mortgage other call centers wanted military data for sale  or even champva data.  This is a good situation to have especially if your a data provider.  Collecting and organizing data is what we do and we have long term relationships with all of our call centers because,  we know they will take care of us long term.  We understand that getting customers the best possible services and products available are the end goal.  At the same time we also what to provide data that will convert and make money.  Nevertheless, this post is simply to inform the public that we have a huge database of leads by every category and they are up sale!

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