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By Terrance G Kern on December 18, 2013

Plano SEOWe are a Professional Plano SEO Company utilizing Google Partner Techniques providing Internet Marketing Services Plano, TX. Search Engine Optimization for Plano TX just became easy when you utilize our Plano SEO company.  It’s a mistake to make the decision of choosing which SEO Firm they are going to hire based on physical location and not results.  I know this is a cruel example but, if you were diagnosed with cancer would trust your life with a local physician or would you want to seek that absolute best in the industry regardless of location?

The Texas SEO Company is now accepting Plano SEO clients.   We are one of the most decorated SEO companies offering services in Plano, TX.

With 1000’s of SEO Companies all claiming to be the best and promising you top placement if you bring on their services who can you really believe?  How did you find us again?  If you found this page, chances are you typed some sort of variation relating to Plano SEO.   Why did you use the search engines to find an organization to help you with your organic ranking results?  Probably because, the search engines provide you with information to fulfill your need.  It’ the same as your customers are also searching for your products or services right now.

Data Driven Internet Marketing Services Plano TX

We look at your website as if it were our own and nothing brings us more pleasure than giving you competition a Chuck Norris Round House kick straight to the teeth.  We act as a search engine optimization extension of your team, and collaborate constantly to help improve campaign performance.    I Challenge you TODAY to take the test and see how you match up against your competition.   At no charge, We’ll have one of our analysis break down a competition analysis to see how you match up apple’s to apple’s.  Just call today or use the form and submit.   We’ll schedule a time with you to go over the reports. ***********NOTE*********(Some of these reports take 24 hr’s or more to be completed so, SEO analysis is NOT a same day event.  A time and date will need to be schedule to go over reports.)

Plain and Simple – We are a Plano SEO Company – Committed to ROI.

Your organization is probably competing with multiple of other businesses within the area of Plano, TX.

SEO & internet marketing is going to be saturated. Our team understands marketing. Our team understands business because we are business owners ourselves.  Most of the time, we are wearing multiple hats and just like yourself it can take away from what we should be focusing in on.  It’s not as if you couldn’t do it on your own but, ask yourself this.  Do you have 80+ hrs this month to create content, code content, link it internally and externally and then get the social signals needed for you to be an authority?   That’s why it’s important to have SEO professionals on your team.

We come into markets with the goal of making every campaign profitable.  Our company profits have no meaning if our customers are not getting an ROI. If we feel we cannot provide your business with an exceptional ROI, than we will not take your business.

We have a moral obligation to be up front, honest and just do the right thing.

Using Analytics in Plano SEO

Unlike other SEO companies in Plano, TX that will talk about rankings, what you have to do to rank, look at your on-page coding only and then give you a low ball Plano SEO quote from a company that does Search Engine Marketing.  We demand Excellence.  Numerous hours of planning go into developing a SEO Campaign including A/B split testing of Call to Actions and Copy.  By no means, are we going to be the lowest offer but, what’s that going to do for you when you hire a cheap SEO company Plano, spend months with them, waste a couple thousand dollars and end up exactly where you started? SEO Plano We know our competition and we have seen their work, it’s about 10% or less of the overall effort needed to have longevity.  Customer Service, Reporting, Tracking and Flexibility is often something our competition DOESN’T Provide.

Too many times have I heard of customers having difficulty even getting a phone call from their current providers.  Unacceptable, Simply Unacceptable!  Your campaign isn’t a Set it and Forget Chicken Rotisserie!  You deserve the constant evolution and dynamic campaign that will bring you more traffic, conversions and increased profits.

Converting Traffic into Dollars – What?!

So let’s say your website gets an additional 100 new visitors/mth to it.  Do you understand how many of those visitor will contact you?  Do you know what % your website is converting at?  How much is a new customer worth to your business?  How many potential customers do you need to speak with before they become a client?  What’s your average order value?

Not only do we help increase your exposure and traffic but, we own a business as well so, why should we stop at the exposure.  We are very well aware of what a new customer is worth and how our website is converting.  This is where many SEO companies stop working, yet, as business owners ourselves, it is equally important we want to know what it costs to get a new customer.

By testing your call to actions, doing A/B testing, researching trends in Google Analytics, your campaign manager becomes empowered with data. The progression of your campaign becomes a Formulation of what the data tells us. Logical decisions are made from such information and implementation of changes are solely the result of data, not emotion.   Advanced Segments, advance metrics and detailed reporting help us compare 30 days of data with changes, along with 30 days of data without the changes.. Campaign managers omit brand searches, searches for your domain, etc; so you see true data & performance. goes above & beyond most companies scope of work. Taking ownership is what we’re known for especially when it comes to a Plano SEO company. I encourage you to allow us to earn your business!  Before you choose let us give your company something complimentary.  We’ll perform at NO RISK a complete website diagnosis, Market Overview and ROI Forecast for a real evaluation and to talk to a real Plano SEO Company offering real Internet Marketing Services Plano.

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