picking the top keywords for the construction Industry

By Terrance G Kern on January 12, 2015

When your doing Internet marketing for construction companies, roofing industry, Contractors and Tree Service companies it’s important to understand their business.  By understanding what their customers are looking for you can better focus in on what they might type into the industry.  We utilize alot of tools here that help us indicate what Top keywords for the Construction Industryyour customer might type into the search engine in order to find your business.  One personal favorite of mine helps us to take your competition’s url put it into semrush and this particular tool will give me all of the keywords your competitor is ranking top 20 for.  It also show’s the different types of Internet Marketing Advertising that they are doing and what are their best keywords for the construction industry.  Being a company that is passionate about “Construction SEO” it’s important to determine where you stand against your competition and then put a strategy together to counter what they are currently doing. I encourage you to follow the link above to get a better understanding on how we’d attack the construction industry specificially.  Below we are going to come into another area on how we group and categorize keywords to get more leverage out of our pages and url’s we’d like to appear in the the search engine.   Call Today at 855-877-0040 for a FREE Analysis

What keywords are best if your a Contractor?

When you do alot of SEO work for the Construction industry generally it involves speaking with alot of General Contractors, Roofing Contractors and pretty much anyone who does contracting.  WE know that as a business owner your have certain keywords you think that your customer is going to type into the search engines.   THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT   In addition to that, we also want to consider some buying intent type keywords as we’ll as some “how to” type keywords.  Educational and question like search terms always lead to a more qualified customer who is willing to spend money.  Utilizing Questions and Techniques showing customers how you go about performing tasks instills confidence that they are choosing the right professional and helps tremendously when your doing SEO for Contractors.  So, to wrap it up we have to understand who your competition is, what they are ranking for and then get assistance from other tools such as Google Keyword Planner.

Roofing Industry Keyword Research

Remember when searching for keywords that are going to make your roofing company money stay laser focused and don’t get too broad.  Broad Keywords inherently will always bring you the wrong traffic.  What I mean about the wrong traffic is it’s going to be traffic that will never purchase your products or services and most likely Keyword Research for Roofing Companiesaren’t even relevant to what you do.  While doing “SEO for Roofing companies” we have found out that too many times we miss the “real customer by trying to bring in a wide range of different customers.  Ultimately, this is going to cost us in the long run.  The better idea is to get MORE SPECIFIC.  For Instance if you are a “Roofing Company” that provides roofing services for a specific niche or just a couple of different customers that’s a much better keyword for you then just roofing company.  Again, something like “Professional Commerical Roofing Company providing services for Law Firms” or “Law Firm Roofing Company”.   Here we are really starting to define who we do roofing for and therefore can group better when trying to rank pages. Call Today at 855-877-0040 for a FREE Analysis

Do you offer Tree Services?

Here again it is important that you become specific to exactly what you are offering.  For instance.  Tree Service is way too broad.  What type of Tree’s do you work on?  Do you work on Palm Trees, Fur Trees, Oak Trees?  What is the specific type of Tree you work on because, getting more granular when coming up with  your keywords for the construction industry is when your really going to generate buyer intent traffic.  We have been doing Tree Service SEO for along time now and know that the more granular you get with your search queries the better off you are with your success.  Dial the number today and lets go over some different strategies to help your company to pick the best keywords for the construction industry!

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