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By Terrance G Kern on December 28, 2015

Pest Control SEO Services – Work with Experts at a ROI Driven Firm

Doing Pest Control SEO or “SEO for Pest Control Companies” is our passion!  We provide internet marketing services for pest control companies and are a Certified Google Partner.  Call us now at 855-877-0040!  Want to take your pest control business to the next level?  It’s easy when your dominating your competition in the search engines just ask us.  We are in a very competitive Pest Control SEOindustry, The Search Engine Optimization/Internet Marketing Industry and every Tom, Dick & Harry seems to be running an SEO company these days.   So who can you trust?   I’d have to ask you what did you type into the search engines to find us?  Was it SEO for Pest Control Companies?  Or maybe it was Pest Control SEO services.  Either way, we practice what we preach and delivering our customers the absolute best product that is on the market is what we strive for and won’t stop until it’s delivered.   What does a top listing on Google do for your business?  You tell us!   What’s a new customer worth to you? Call us today and we’ll provide you a FREE competition breakdown its a $399 value absolutely free when you dial 855-877-0040

What Is the Pest Control Industry?

According to the {pest control technology journal} the pest control business is a 7.2 billion business and that number continues to increase every year.  They provide several different services including dealing with ant infestation, cockroaches, termites and even small animals such as rats.  It has also been determined that pest control using chemicals dates back 4,500 years.

How a Pest Control SEO Consultant can change your business

This is kind of a no brainer.  It’s simply said that if you rank at the top of Google or you are having success within the maps section you have a better chance of having people contact you compared to if you were on the second or third page.  You just have to ask yourself, when was the last time you’ve seen the third or fourth page of Goolge?  Exactly, never!  Nevertheless, having an agency, that has been nominated for multiple awards in SEO and pay per click can truly be a game changing event for your business just for the simple reason that SEO for pest control companies is extremely time consuming.  Most companies have a misconception of what Search Engine Optimization actually is.  They think that you can turn a switch on or simply add some special sauce and you’ll be ranking in an hour.  In reality it’s extremely time consuming and most business owners don’t have the time to perform all the activities involved to  have an effect Pest Control SEO campaign.  That’s why we have developed the most extensive Pest Control SEO Company for your industry.

What’s involved in pest control search engine optimization?

This is were I told you you probably don’t have the adequate time to do everything you need to do to become  #1 in Google.  Simply put here is the list of items you’ll want to perform if you want to hit the top spot organically

#1 Blog – simply put blogging is one of the most important things you can be doing to have Google Recognize you as a valuable result for there end users.  It does a couple of things for you when you have a blog.  Firstly, you can interlink to some of your inner pages as another reference page on the topic that you are writing about. ie. “We are an award nominated SEO Company that is an SEO firm for pest control companies.”  Taking the time to reference your other pages also gives Goolge the opportunity to index that page and other pages interlinking with that page.  Secondly, your website is expanding and this builds trust in the search engines eyes to 

SEO for pest control companies

tell them that you are putting the effort in to give your own audience enough meaning information to bring up your status as and authority on the topic. 

#2 On-page optimization

Once again this is an area if you are not sure what you are doing you may not be organizing your content in a manner that google seo loves.  This includes your using your HTML features such as Geo tags, title tags, meta tags(for other search engines), header tags, meta descriptions, internal links, etc.  Keep in mind, if you don’t code the page correctly Google may not be able to determine specifically what you are speaking about.

#3 Off-Page Optimization

In this case we are talking about all the communications coming to your website from other websites.  When other entities from the internet, besides your own website, start communicating with yours its a signal to Google that is telling them you can be trusted.  For instance –  We are a pest control SEO firm.  We provide internet marketing services for pest control companies.  It I have other websites referring to my page about Pest Control SEO then other companies think my content is the best source to speak about that.  Earning natural communications that are very relevant is what we do the best.

Wrapping up earn external links, writing blogs, building internal pages and coding them takes An enormous amount of time.  Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable having professionals do that for you?  Of Course you would! .  That’s why we encourage you to give us a call today at 855-877-0040.  We’ll even do a free competitor analysis for you when you call.  If your serious about your business and you hate to see your competition outrank you call us.  We take serious pride in being the best pest control seo company in the business!

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