How a Personal Injury Lawyer Approaches SEO

By Terrance G Kern on May 19, 2017

Personal injury lawyers can earn more than many other lawyers, and many love what they do. You fight for justice in the civil courts in all sorts of accidents. You could find yourself involved in cases of asbestos exposure or a slip and fall caused by a property owner’s negligence. You might represent clients in drunk driving and other accidents. To do your job, you have to be able to reach the right clients.

This is where SEO services with the Texas SEO company come in. You’re an expert in personal injury law. SEO professionals are experts in getting your site recognized by Google and other major search engines. It’s our job to make sure you get higher rankings in the traditional search. We also help you keep up with consumer trends, even staying ahead of them.

The Texas SEO Company looks at internet marketing from a holistic view. This helps us get personal injury lawyers the traffic and client interest from the right people.

SEO Tips for a Personal Injury Lawyer  Personal Injury Lawyer

How do professionals approach SEO for the best results? If you want the best outcomes for your personal injury law firm, one of the most important things you can do is diversify. Look into the future and make a plan for your SEO law firm. An SEO company can make the process more efficient and help you get the results you want. What can SEO professionals do?

  • Personalize Your Site: Who are you, and what kind of services do you provide? Do you specialize in one area of personal injury law? Are you known for something in particular, or have you won awards? Good SEO professionals are looking for something that makes you stand out. If you can find that, you can set yourself apart from competitors in one way or another.
  • Use Diverse Outlets: Using a diverse range of outlets like Facebook, Google+, and SnapChat can help you reach customers where they are. They might follow your page after seeing your business vehicles or a post their friend reposts. You can also use paid advertising options with Facebook. Each social media outlet has its own specific uses. Twitter has a short character limit while SnapChat posts only last for a limited period. Live videos have also become increasingly popular. SEO professionals can tailor all these outlets to fit your needs to build a strong client base for a personal injury lawyer.
  • Understand Your Audience: An SEO expert has to break it down to find more than just the clients who are looking for personal injury lawyers. Your audience can vary widely even within the same specialty like medical malpractice. Some clients might be suing on their own behalf. Others are suing after losing a small child or infant due to medical negligence. Knowing your audience can make a significant difference in your outcomes.
  • Calls to Action: You can do all the back work. SEO professionals provide the information and incentives clients are looking for. The idea is to excite them as much as possible going in. The call to action is one of the most important parts of any site. Once you’ve helped clients to understand they have options, the final step is to instruct them to call a personal injury lawyer like you. With powerful and natural content, it’s the final piece of the puzzle.
  • Go Mobile: You can create a beautiful site that has all the right features. If it doesn’t show up properly on mobile devices or takes too long to load, you could lose business before you get a chance to impress them. Whether you’re selling legal services or Chinese food, clients are looking on their phones while they’re already on the go. So make sure you keep up with the times.


Build Your Brand with SEO Experts 

Every personal injury lawyer  provides some services for different injuries. If you decide what you’re ready to offer, you can set yourself apart early and improve your odds of wowing your customers right from the start. SEO experts with the Texas SEO Company can evaluate your firm on an individual basis. We know not all law firms are the same. Just knowing what major services you provide can help us to tailor your site and SEO to fit your business needs.


We talk to each client about the services they provide and their target customer. Sometimes, it can change after the first time we discuss your options. In either instance, the Texas SEO Company can help. We build your brand by working with Google algorithms. We’ll also make your site mobile-friendly and diversify to reach a wider range of clients who might need your assistance. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of reminding them when they need you most.


Once you get clients in for their first consultation, it’s up to you to assess their case as a personal injury lawyer. Then you can provide advice and convince them of your expertise. An SEO expert’s job is to get them in the door to get the process started. By using accepted and reliable methods, The Texas SEO Company promotes long-term benefits. We build your site to perform even immediately after a Google algorithm update.


If you want more clients and a steady stream of business for your personal injury law firm, the Texas SEO Company can help. We have over a decade of experience helping personal injury lawyers across the country do just that. We do more than just improving your placement in the search rankings we blog about it and provide you with proven results.

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