On-Page SEO – Content Creation & Optimization Preface

By Terrance G Kern on September 30, 2015

When thinking about On Page SEO There are many things that you need to keep in mind:

Never, never copy content. Even a sentence. Not worth a potential penalty

On-page SEO–Always try to write at least 650 words. Ideally, if you can keep talking about a topic and keep giving value (not being redundant, shoot for 1,000 words! – you’ll learn how to break up content thoughts later with header tags [h1, h2, etc]

  • If you run out of ideas, Google your main keyword, then scroll all the way down, they will give you “related terms”. It won’t be 100% perfect, but always worth a try if you have writers block.
  • Also try typing in your keyword/keywords, then clicking on Google News, it may give you insight into something that just occurred that you can talk about.
  • The dreaded content block. Ever read 700 words of text in 2 large paragraphs? I’ve seen it more than I’d like to admit, and I usually bounce off that website immediately. Let my eyes breathe…please.
  • When you have a bunch of fantastic content, you still must make it easy for the visitor to have a pleasant time on your website. You are fighting for their time against all other websites in your industry/niche/etc.
  • For this reason, I never like to have more than 4-5 lines of sentences without using a line break. (These bullets have line breaks.)
  • Imagine if this entire lecture was one huge paragraph. It would likely be difficult to stay focused, you would feel overwhelmed and would not have a pleasant learning experience.
  • Keep this in mind for both this lecture, and the future lecture, Blogging for Maximum SEO Impact.

What’s needed for On-Page SEO – Website Architecture

  • Website Architeture – Critical for both search engines and users to be able to clearly know what your website is about. (www.myplumbingsite dot com/texas-plumbing-company/dallas-plumber/)
–TIP: If you have an ecommerce site, you can replace the main sub-folder (texas-plumbing-company) with the category of product, then the product would be in the sub folder of the category.
  • (i.e – www.myfurniturewebsite.com/living-room-furniture/love-seats/)On page search engine optimization
  • Here is another example:


  • Note: I just made that up. BUT, can you tell what that page is about without even having to look at the website? I can, the main sub-folder is about hondas, then, then one sub-folder deeper, you have yourself a 2 door Honda accord with a v6 motor for sale.
  • This is known as website architecture. If it was: cars.com/19382/498028.html ß we don’t know what that is, either does Google (just based on URL). So we want to have the broadest service or product after the domain, then get more granular.

–Tip: Try to never go further than 3 sub-folders deep.  (both examples above are two sub-folders deep) test.com/sub-folder-1/sub-folder-2/sub-folder-3/ß- No more sub folders!

Title Tags for On-Page Search Engine Optimization

  • Title tags are the blue clickable links on Google. Remember, you can never go over 70 characters.

–To ensure you are not over 70 characters, feel free to use: http://www.lettercount.com/

  • Title Tags are the first aspect people usually see in the search results. It is critical your main keyword is in the title tag.

–NOTE: You also want it to include your main root keyword.

–If you have a standard .HTML website, the tags will look like this in your editing software or notepad++.

    • <title>Dallas, TX Plumber | Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services</title>
    • See how the blue clickable link on Google is the same thing in Title brackets? Just change what is in the middle of those brackets to change your Title Tag.
    • Critical Tip: If you can fit in more than your root keyword, that is great. The next slide will be a few examples on creative ways to use title tags for maximum SEO impact.  Especially from your ON-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization Meta Descriptions

  • Meta Descriptions are directly under the blue clickable links on Google. Remember, you want to stay in 150 – 160 characters..

search engine optimization for on-page–Feel Free to Google “character checker to make sure your characters are under 160)

  • Meta Descriptions describe in greater detail what a page is about. You have nearly double the space of the Title Tag. We will want to make good use of the Meta Description in a similar way we did with the Title Tags.
–NOTE: You also want it to include your main root keyword. Ideally, try to begin with it. If this is not possible, include it in the first sentence.

–<meta name=”description” content=“Roto-Rooter is a full service plumber in Dallas that offers a complete selection of residential and commercial plumbing and drain cleaning services.”/>

  • Critical Tip: You will be able to fit one, two, or sometimes three different sub-sets of your main root keywords services for that target page. Roto-Rooter is a fantastic example. In the next slide, I will show you why this meta description is nearly perfect for this page.

A Good Meta Description Review for SEO

  • Note: Try to focus on using the main keyword for the target page that gets the most searches. (i.e – In the example above, they used plumber in Ft. Lauderdale – but if SEMrush tells you Fort Lauderdale Plumber gets 50 more searches a month, use the version with more searches!). You can always Google your keyword to get an idea of what competitors are doing and make yours better!

–How this Meta Description is Nearly Perfect: Yellow indicates wise use of secondary keywords.

  • They included full service ßbefore plumber. (So if someone searched full service plumber in Fort Lauderdale, their meta description contains it, which increases its relevancy to that search)
  • Residential and Commercial plumbing – Again, if someone typed commercial fort lauderdale plumber, they are showing Google they offer this service and its relevancy is increased because if this website uses these phrases and its competitors doesn’t, Google will show this website (especially if they speak about these secondary keywords in their content which is highly recommended).
  • Drain cleaning services – The last wise use of a secondary keyword, if someone typed in fort lauderdale plumber drain cleaning services, this would likely show up again, because it is a secondary keyword to the main keyword. (another extremely relevant service)

»Again, the keywords in yellow should be used in various areas for my logic to hold true, but we will learn how to accomplish just that. Optimizing for many variations of the same keyword to get the most bang for our time!

Utilizing Header Tags within your pages

Header Tags are like thought breaks. Once you change thoughts, separate it by a header tag. Usually, every 200 – 400 words or so works well. Use them in descending order. (H1 at beginning, H2 should be the second one, h2 again if another very important topic, then h3 to close out the article with summary – we will review this h3 tag as we progress in this lecture).

  • This is the code for Header Tags (if you have HTML or click Text tab in wordpress under add page or add post)

–<h1>Your H1 Tag </h1> – Should be the root keyword that gets the most searches.

–<h2>Your H2 Tag</h2> – Should be another version of the root keyword and/or a very relevant long tail.

–<h3>Your H3 Tag</h3>, etc. [See Video to learn how to implement]

–1) Header Tags (H1 & H2 Tags): Note it is OK to have just an H1 tag alone without an H2 tag under it.

–a) H1 Tags Should be your main keyword along with a “zinger” something that helps you stand out, if you can naturally fit in a secondary keyword like I did, without it looking “stuffed” with keywords, then by all means, do it. You must be crafty. This H1 Tag does not scream I stuffed keywords:  This is NO Good for ON-Page SEO

  • Insurance Agency SEO – Internet Marketing with Proven Results <–I squeezed in internet marketing into the h1 tag, then added with Proven Results (because we show results on our website). This is why in website architecture, I recommend you adding resources that differentiate your company. So you can do similar things.

–In the plumber example, you would do something like: Fort Lauderdale Plumber – 24/7 Emergency Services

–What NOT to Do with Header Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc)

–1) Stuff Keywords (if you can’t read clearly outloud, its probably stuffed)

2) Use more than 8-9 Words. Anything more than that is looked upon as spammy.

–After your keyword friendly & crafty H1 tag and/or H2 tag…

–You will want to try to use your main keyword as close to the beginning of the target page as possible.

Keyword in First Sentence

–In this specific example, I used: “The Texas SEO Company  is likely your best If you are looking for an insurance agency seo company .

–This immediately allows Google to confirm what your page is about just from what we have done so far, but we want the most optimized page possible. So we will continue optimizing as we write.

–You then want to write something exciting. Be personable. Let your personality show through your writing. Make jokes in your content if possible (professional ones). Speak about your product or service like the expert you are, give analogies, talk about new services or products, what is changing in the industry, the general thoughts or feedback of the market place, anything of value!!

On-Page SEO – Adding an Image

–Adding an image has two benefits.

  • It is very user friendly. No one just likes chunks of text.
  • You can use an IMG ALT tag, to tell Google what that picture is about.
  • Guess what we are going to name the image alt tag? You guessed it! The root keyword we are going after!!
  • Also, add a second image about 55-75% down your page, so there is another image. IMG ALT tag that your secondary keyword and/or long-tail variation. J
  • Note to eCommerce SEO folks: You can use your product name or category name in the img alt tag.
  • Here is the code; after the image code in Yellow:
  • <img class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-1377″ title=”insurance-agency-seo” src=”https://thetexasseocompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/insurance-agency-seo-264×300.jpg” alt=”insurance agency seo” width=”264″ height=”300″ />
  • WordPress Note: When uploading a photo in WordPress, when you click the image, then upload a file to WordPress, and click the checkmark, there is Image Alt field where you just type in your keyword, no coding knowledge needed.

–Inner linking is when you link to another useful page on your website. (This is different then outbound linking, where you link to a different website.)

–Inner linking is a great way to pass along some of the credibility on one page to another within your website, and when done properly can have a fantastic impact on a website.

–Let’s see a real world example of how inner linking helped a website rank very well.

–Visit: https://thetexasseocompany.com/proven-texas-internet-marketing-company-offering-services/

»Scroll to the bottom, you will notice that this sub-folder links to all the city pages which is one level deeper in this sub-folder. Feel free to click the links at the bottom to see how it works. You will notice the URL always includes the above, but then adds the city+service. (specifically in this example: https://thetexasseocompany.com/dallas-internet-marketing/

»In the www.myplumbersite.com/texas-plumbing-company/, you’d want to write a nice page of content utilizing the optimization framework I’ve laid out. Then at the end, try to make the sentence before you list these links valuable:

»For instance – We offer emergency plumbing services in:

»Dallas, TX ß This would link to your Dallas Page

»Houston, TX ß This would link to yourHouston Page

Outbound Authority Linking for on page optimization

–Outbound authority links allow your website to be viewed upon as credible by Google. Most websites that offer value often link out to other trustworthy websites. So you would want to not only help your users with great information via another website, but it is also a great indicator to Google.

–Some Common Outbound Authority Links to Use:

–Wikipedia Pages

–City Government Pages – i.e – Google Dallas Government, this will come up, do this for any city you are doing for an easy outbound authority link. www.dallascityhall.com/

–Any Web MD, Federal Government Website, etc.

Manufacturer for product related websites.

–Note: You may think, I am working hard to generate traffic. The last thing I want to do is send traffic to another website. However, out of 7-10 incoming leads a day for clients looking for SEO. Not ONE person has ever asked why we link to a local government page.

–Also, users are interested in what you have to offer. In the example of the plumber, if they clicked the Dallas link and was sent to Dallas page, they would likely exit, they need a plumber.

–Example with Plumber Scenario: If you are looking for an emergency plumber in Dallas, TX; you’ll be glad to know we are open 24/7!!

–The above is an outbound link because it takes you outside of your website.

All of these practices are critical for ON-Page SEO.  We’ll be posting more about this in the future.


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