In The News SEO for Contractors and HVAC Industries

By Terrance G Kern on March 9, 2015

The latest news about SEO for Contractors and HVAC industries have show that  focusing in on city specific and service specific topics still work .  Here’s an example if I’m a Contractor or doing HVAC SEO I have multiple offerings and multiple areas to cover.  It is a very good chance that the business expands over multiple counties if not multiple cities.  Therefore, I have to segment my offering into sub-pages that will confirm my business covers there area.

Doing Contractor SEO for multiple cities

This in the new’s update is When competing in multiple cities it’s important to structure sub-pages to tell Search Engines I am a General Contractor, for instance, in TX.  I cover Dallas, Denton & Carrollton.  In this case my sub-pages should look as Contractor SEOfollows:,, etc.  URL structure identifying city specific and service specific areas not categorizes the data in order for Google to properly organize the data.  Having your data organized in a manor that is easy for search engines to read helps your rankings significantly and if you have useful content you get a greater chance of becoming a valuable listing to search engines users.  Therefore when doing contractor seo consider this seo news for contractors.

Creating Service specific Header Tags to Categorize HVAC SEO Strategies

The lastest news for HVAC SEO and doing SEO for HVAC companies is once you have your sub-pages created is to have your content organized.  Make sure you are utilizing you header tags properly once you have your sub pages city and service specific.  We cover this topic in more detail here at the same time it’s important to note that different areas of your services need to be segmented throughout the body of your content and each segment should have a header tag.  For Instance, in the Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning industry you have many different tasks to perform in this category so, if my main topic is “Dallas Air Conditioning Company” I could segment my data as follows.

Dallas Air Conditioning Repair,  Dallas Air Conditioning Services  and Air Conditioning Units for Sale in Dallas.

Each of these different offering would have their own H1, H2 & H3 tags in relation to most important to least important.  However you structure your important giving each section a “header tag” allows for the search engines to determine that a new variation of the Topic is being discussed and it is important.  To supplement some of your SEO efforts you may want perform some Texas Pay Per Click as well.

Keep following our blog to get more information and all of the “in the news” SEO for Contractors and HVAC companies.


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