New Ranking signal for mobile responsive websites.

In the news recently, Google made the notification that they will reward your rankings for having a mobile responsive website. There will now be a ranking signal the search engine will calculate when displaying search engine results you can see the update here.  Mainly, it makes alot of sense that they would add this as a trust signal seeing that most of the searches are being made on smart phones. It seem’s hard to believe doesn’t it?  Nevertheless, Search Engine watch released a study in 2104 on how this trend has been growing and now has the majority of searches being done.  To learn more about how mobile searches have gained the market share of searches go to this article  Nevertheless, it’s important to deliver a quality user experience to your audience that is coming from the mobile and tablet world.  When creating a Dallas Mobile responsive websitesexperience that appeals to the mobile and tablet shopper your conversion ratio will dramatically increase catering to that audience.  Nevertheless if you haven’t brought your business up to speed with a Dallas mobile responsive web design Google is going to penalize you for not adapting or delivering a product customize to your audience.  Maybe saying penalize you is a little rough.  Let’s just say you won’t get any benefits by not converting to a mobile responsive website.

Are Your Sites Mobile and Tablet Ready?

These are the questions that need to be answered moving forward because, In My Opinion, come April 14 of 2015 Google will start considering this rank signal to have more authority.  Sites that haven’t adapted to the Mobile Responsive Revolution simply will not take advantage of the better search results that Google is implying on delivering.  It’s Important that if you haven’t updated your sites you consider getting with your web designer to do so.  For more information on converting your ecommerce, wordpress or old web design to a mobile/table responsive web design reach out to our offices today.  Keep in mind, this update will effect 40% of the websites on the web and if you do not have a website that is ready for these updates you will be effected.  Google will trust websites that give their users a better experience when using search engines through their mobile devises.  What does this say?  It says search engine optimization has a new ranking signal.  It means that to optimize your site better for the search engines your going to have to keep this in mind.  If you are a Dallas business and you what to make sure your out ranking your competition.  This is going to be part of your Dallas search engine optimization strategy in order to keep ranking as well as improve rankings.

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