How To Market Your Brand On Instagram

By Mervyn Kinuthia on March 19, 2018

Are you one of Instagram’s 800 million strong user base? Then you definitely know how powerful Instagram is as a social media marketing platform.

There’s plenty of opportunities to market on Instagram, from promoting your brand’s products and services to reaching a new demographic within your market.

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In case you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas on what and how to market on Instagram, you can relax!

This article will share with you actionable tips you can use to build an army of loyal fans.

Instagram Contests

If you want guaranteed success when you promote on Instagram then there’s absolutely no way you can afford to ignore this tip. No matter what you’re trying to achieve; sell more products, generate leads, acquire more followers etc running a contest is guaranteed to help you achieve these goals.

As an Instagram user I’m sure there have been numerous times when you’ve come across photo contests, giveaways by brands, sweepstakes and more.

There are a number of ways you can run a successful Instagram contest using the above mentioned methods. Let me break it down.

Instagram Hashtag Contest

There are tools that are designed specifically for the purpose of launching and running contests on Instagram. Wishpond is one such tool. By creating your Instagram contests on Wishpond, you automatically make them mobile-friendly which is necessary since Instagram is mostly used on mobile devices.

In addition, you’ll have the option of using one of Wishpond’s many templates to create an amazing post that should be designed to grab attention on the word go. If you’re not cash-strapped consider spending some money on ads to send traffic to your contest.

Basically, an Instagram hashtag contest requires entrants to upload a photo of themselves and use a branded hashtag of their choice. These photos once uploaded automatically get featured in a gallery on your contest page from where other people can access their photos and vote on which ones they like best.

So, what’s the catch?

In order for someone to vote for a particular entrant, they’ll need to submit their email address. The email addresses can then be used to generate sales via email marketing.

Pretty nifty, huh?

Bonus Entry Contest

Instagram’s bonus entry contest is perfectly suited for businesses that are trying to expand or are new and are trying to get some new customers as well as get the word out about their launch.

What makes bonus entries such a perfect match for new businesses is that they reward entrants who interact with your business on social media.

This is how it works when an entrant tweets the contest link they might get 3 entries, and 5 entries for following you on Facebook and maybe 10 entries when they get a friend to enter the contest too.

Instagram Sweepstakes

Instagram Sweepstakes

Even though hashtag contests have been proven to work over time it might be asking for too much asking them to upload their photos with a branded hashtag.

Enter Instagram Sweepstakes.

With sweepstakes the process for entrants is different.

Again you can use a tool of your choice to create your sweepstakes page. It should include details about your sweepstakes such as the prize to be worn, a form that needs to be filled out by entrants which will include the information you need, and information on what your sweepstakes is about.

I recommend you don’t ask for too much information as that might lead to a decline in entries. Asking for an email address should be fine.

Now that you’re through creating your sweepstakes page, you need to let people know about your sweepstakes.

You could do this through Instagram stories or you could publish a couple of posts letting your followers know about the sweepstakes. To make it easy for the entrants, consider publishing the link in your bio this way it will be easy for people to spot.

For the best results, you should consider allocating a budget for your Instagram sweepstakes as they have proven to be a success when amplified via ads. This is because Instagram ads are the only way you can send people to external links.

Sending Traffic To Your Contest Using Ads

If you really want to see incredible results from the contests you run on Instagram, you need to seriously consider having an ads budget. Instagram Ads are the best bet you have if you want to reach a huge number of new customers.

Instagram is a very effective marketing platform. What makes it so powerful is the fact that it shares the same ad platform as Facebook. So, when creating your ads for your Instagram contest you’ll be able to target new customers based on things that Facebook already knows such as their age, their location, interests etc.

When creating your ad you need to ensure that the prize you’re giving out is visible on the ad as that’s the incentive that will make people want to register. Use varying colors and shades to emphasize aspects of your contest.

Other than running contests, you can use Instagram ads to send traffic directly to your page. This works especially well for ecommerce websites. Instagram ads are different from other types of ads on different platforms in the sense that they allow you to add a call-to-action as well as a click through link.

As with every other ad, you need to make sure that your landing page is optimized for conversions.

Discounts and Coupons

Instagram Coupons

Everyone loves a good promotion. Combining awesome product photos with a promotion will definitely get your brand noticed and has proven a very effective way of marketing to Instagram’s idle scrollers.

Showcase what product or service you’re offering and combine it with a promotion code. This would work exceedingly well if you chose to do this on a Black Friday or made this offer during the Super Bowl. Potential customers are unlikely to see your brand as cheap since you’re running a topical promotion.

Another way you can use discounts via Instagram is asking your customers to follow you on Instagram at the point of sale for a 10% discount. Basically, a bonus contest but without the hustle of having to set up a landing page and create prizes.

Product Photos

The core concept of using Instagram is sharing photos with others. Though it might come across as being really basic, as a marketer you shouldn’t take this for granted and instead you should apply it in your product marketing.

A potent marketing strategy combines really good photography with an action-based caption. When you regularly post product photos and combine it with a caption you’re giving potential customers ideas of how they can use your product.

When you do this make sure that you let people know where they can make a purchase as well as some of the benefits they stand to enjoy if they decide to go with your product.

Another great tip is instead of just showing an image of your product, how about you show your product in action. This makes your product more relatable and your potential customers can actually visualize themselves using the product.

Would you like to know more on how to market your brand on Instagram, get in touch.

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