What Makes a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign?

By Terrance Kern on November 13, 2014

We seeking to accomplish a highly successful Internet Marketing Campaign there are many aspects and opinions on exactly what this is.  Interestingly enough we get this question very often and it is a very good one.  To some people it means alot of sales are coming from the internet, to others it’s high rankings and others it’s getting likes and shares.  In reality, a successful Internet marketing campaign consists of continually building your audience and influencing that Audience.  Many customers are shocked how long it takes before a visitor actually converts into a customer but when we look at the visitor conversion path

Web Site Converting at a High level                    Website Design

The main way of getting a website design to convert at a high level is to make sure it is always engaging the user!  Your website should be informative, it should be visually offering many offers to your customers and most import there has to bee incredible value your users can take advantage of.  All of these different factors will turn you traffic into buyers.  If your not constantly engaging your audience with value offers it’s a good chance they won’t come back and more importantly may even go to your competition.  Nevertheless, if your website is constructed in a manner that gets the user to the information they need quick/easy, is aesthetically appealing and offers tremendous value you can now start utilizing Internet Marketing to get visitors.

Visitors to your Website from SEO

There is no more targeted of a visitor to you website than one that has come through an organic listing.  We’ll be the first to tell you that if a visitor comes to our website from Dallas SEO, Houston SEO, Austin SEO or San Antonio SEO we already know that this is a visitor that is ready to improve their presence within the Search Engines and wants organic traffic.  How can you blame the person?  Virtually everyone is using the search engines to find products and services.  Google is constantly improving their search engine to deliver the user exactly what they are looking for.SEO company


Combining your SEO efforts with a Texas Pay Per Click Management campaign gives yourself additional coverage within the search engines.  Cornell University did a study on where people go when they do a search query within the search engines.  You can see that data here.  Nevertheless, 70 % of users scroll right over the ads that are displayed above the organic listings and go straight to organic listings.  DON’T LET THAT FOOL YOU!  That 30% still means good profits.  Profits that your should have as part of your Internet Marketing plan.  Allow the paid listings to work for you.  Allow our 2014 US Search award nominated “Best PPC Campaign” team consult you on how to develop and deliver a Campaign that will return an ROI.

Social Media

There is no question Google Measures Social Signals.  Therefore you should be trying to build your audience and influence your audience to share like and comment on your content.  Having a Texas Social Media Company to assist you with getting these signals across the net will be important to your overall Internet Marketing efforts. Content does alot of things for your Internet Marketing efforts.  Some of the most important things it can do for your internet marketing efforts is get you the needed social signals Google measures through Content marketing.  Keep in mind, an active audience will assist in how you can influence audience and get more user to be active with your content.

Email Marketing

Building your list is the goal behind all internet marketing.  Mostly, because your list is somebody that is already interested in what you have to offer.  Therefore making them easier to influence.  Also, if you understand when they are purchasing you can send the offers when they want them to remind them.  It’s important you segregate your list appropriately to assure that you are sending certain people the offers they want.  Always test other products or services with a diverse section of your list as well.  If they have enjoyed something they already used from your organization it very well could be that they will enjoy your other products.  Keep in mind, email marketing can be an effective way just to say thank you on one of your customers birthdays as well?  Have you ever thought about simply blasting your list telling them thanks?  Believe me it goes a long way.

Tracking Result/Measuring the Improvement

Always be measuring!  Understanding how your audience is behaving gives you a better opportunity to meet their needs. WEb Google Webmaster Tools and analytics have very detailed segments you can utilize to better understand how your audience is behaving.  We always like to utilize Executive meetings to help our customers understand what their audience is doing.  This process of reading, analyzing and interpretation data always uncovers something we can learn about our audience.  Therefore giving us the information to better provide what they want and need.  We encourage you to talk to one of our Internet Marketing specialist today.

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