Local SEO Trick: WARNING – Could Produce Multiple Map Listings

By Terrance G Kern on January 5, 2016

Google Maps is becoming more and more of a priority to the Google Search engine these days.  If you haven’t noticed over the last 5 months or so we have seen on most searches that map listings are showing to be more important to display than organic listings.  We can do a variety of searches but, for this demonstration we are going to use Google Maps Local SEO Tipvariations for “Dallas SEO Company”.  Included with that term we are also going to use the variation “seo companies in Dallas” and “Dallas SEO Companies”.  Included  with the demonstration we are going to write about some local SEO tricks that not only help us generate more relevancy for our local SEO pages but, also have the ability to get you an additional listing inside Google Maps.  When your looking to become one of the three top listing in Google maps there are some things you need to keep in mind. #1 relevancy to location and relevancy to service, product or topic.  With this Local SEO tip we are going to show how you can build up your Location Relevancy.



As you can see that’s alot of real estate that that Google Maps is taking up.  Being a Google Maps SEO Company we have tested many different things to get us some relevancy and authority at top of the Maps.   One thing you have to keep in mind when your trying to Dominate Google maps is that you absolutely need a location.  Also, you need a locations that is going to be a close to the proximity of where Google thinks that place is.  For instance, if I just type in “Dallas, TX” into Google, keep a close eye on where the search engine places its mark.  The three most prominent locations are very close to where Google Thinks Dallas, TX.  Although Dallas is a very big city the search engine thinks that right downtown is the most relevant location for the city of Dallas.  Now that isn’t to say that’s what determines what the search engine only goes by because, there are the other determining factors for a valuable, relevant and authoritative map listing such as service and authority on that service but, we have to consider it.

So what should we do about getting more relevant for location? 

Actually, Two things.  Most people don’t understand that we have an ability to put a Longitude and a latitude to our pages.  Then when we mention these pages in our Google places it allows Google to understand we are in that area of the Globe.  Every time I’m creating a new service page I like to associate it with a geographical location in order to put that location in my HTML.   There are all sorts of plugins that can be found if your using word press but, I find that old fashion coding works real well.  Therefore, I like to use the html geo tag generator.  All you have to do is enter the City, State and country and it pops out your longitude and latitude for you!  Simply copy the code, put it in the header tag of the page and you have gained yourself tremendous location relevancy that will give Google the idea you are right downtown!  This is a strategy we love to use for services pages.  If you have this url showcased in

Local Google Map Tipsyour Google My business pages it’s for certain to add relevancy to any address, city and zip you have all ready listed for your brick and mortar location. Here’s the kicker.  Don’t stop there!  Many business are unaware that you can add an extra level of Local Relevancy to your images.

Extra Level of Google  Maps Listing location relevancy!

This is correct.  It hasn’t been brought to many business owners attention that you can actually place location relevancy on your images!  A lot of times we have customers that show up in multiple cities for Google maps by just adding a Geo tag to their images and showcasing them in their Google my business listings.  Let’s get started.  If you are not using Google’s image editing tool Picasa it’s time that you consider doing so.  It does a couple of great things for you when your optimizing images.  Firstly, you can add your alt tags as you would in any image editing tool but, this also allow’s you to Geo Tag your image!  Let’s take a look at a demonstration below.

optimizing Google Maps

As you can see you can upload all of your images into picasa.  Most of the time when you are opening an image from your desktop it will ask you what program you want to open the image with.  I always like to Geo Tag my images so, I always choose Picasa because, its the only program I know of that allows you to add a Geo tag to an image.  So, here we see that its as simple as choosing an image.  After you have the image chosen to your bottom right you will have some option to use.  You can share, save it to a folder and then the marker button allows you to put a location on it. Here is where it gets interesting.  Let’s say I do business in Dallas, TX but, I also want to get business from McKinney or Plano for that matter.  All I have to do is put that city’s parameters on the image an upload it to my Google my business page and I can be location relevant for that city as well.  Especially if I have a service page for those particular cities.  In conclusion, Geo Tagging images gives you a couple of things.  A)  It gives you that extra layer of location relevancy for your City + Services page and It allows you to have the ability of being found in other cities that aren’t super optimized for that service in maps.  It doesn’t work all the time.  Especially in highly competitive markets but, we have seen cases where we have gotten multiple map listings just by applying this technique.  I hope you enjoyed these tips and if you have any questions simply comment below, use the contact form or go ahead and give us a call.

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