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By Anjan Sarkar on November 5, 2015

“Getting Your Google Business Listing to Show Up on Google Maps When People Search For your Products or Services. ”

Many times we are contacted because, out customers can’t stand to see their competition above them in the maps.  Believe me, being in a very competitive market we can’t stand it either!  That’s why we have made the commitment to dominate Google Maps.  If you type in that keyword into the search engines you’ll find this to be true.  We are always in the top 5.

google maps Dallas

What’s Included in Our Google Maps Marketing Service?

The next steps that we take when you sign up with us for Google Maps SEO services is:   We’ll provide you with everything that you need to make this the best experience you have ever had with any company. We’ll create your customized listing that is organized in a manner that is aesthetically beautiful looking and is coded/organized just how Google likes it.  We’ll add several relevant pictures for your clients and prospects to see, create a SEO friendly Company profile and make sure that all of the aspects of the maps listing ensuring that it is optimized for the best positioning in the search engine. In addition to the descriptions and profile, we’ll set up Google Plus communities, optimize your Youtube channel and page, create business listings on many other well known directories and more. This is important because, when your Google Maps listing is well optimized, you will engage and influence several local mobile users within your area.  You should really call us today!  Here are some examples of our customers already achieving amazing results.  Shouldn’t your business have the same luxury?  Of course it should!  Call us for local SEO today.

Local Flooring Company

“Flooring Company in Dallas”

Using your Desktop or mobile and when you  search from Google, you’ll find our client Don Bailey Flooring ranking in the top 3 spots.

“Dallas Flooring Company”

If you start to search for other terms like “Dallas Flooring Company”, you’ll find our client also ranking in the top 3 spots.

“Flooring company Dallas”

As you can see, this client is getting a lot of impression share from Dallas residence looking for flooring companies.

Google maps optimization Dallas
Google local maps Dallas

Local Restaurant in Houston

Best Kabobs in Houston
Again use Google and Search for “Best Kabobs in Houston” you’ll find our client ranking in the top spot.  Are these the rankings your looking for?

Persian Food Houston
Time after time when you are searching for some type of “Persian food Houston” you’ll find our customer ranking at the top of maps.

Persian Restaurant Houston
We recently obtained the number one spot for their most coveted keyword term “Persian restaurant Miami” which has a significant monthly search volume.

Local Air Conditioning Repair Company

Austin AC Repair
This customer, who offers A/C repair services in Ocoee, is achieving outstanding results and they rank for the keyword “Austin AC Repair” could you imagine if your business was to have this position?

Air Conditioning Repairs Ocoee
When you search for air conditioning repair in Austin TX, it will be hard to miss Marra Air at the top of the page.

Austin AC Repair Services
This client is now the most well known AC repair company in Austin when it comes to a Google Maps presence.

Google my business Houston

Package 1 – $495 Month One / $295 per month after month one.

Google Maps Optimization Includes:

  • Website audit to ensure your website is utilizing the best practices for linking you business listing to your website.
  • competitor analysis to see what your competitors are showing up for and what they are doing so that we can out-perform them.
  • Creation & optimization of Google My Business Map Listing (2016 best practices).
  • Search & remove any duplicate listings on Google Maps
  • Create a Google + Community for your business
  • Creation of Youtube Channel
  • Create slideshow video on your channel
  • Create custom design
  • 5 High quality contextual links from third party sites.
  • Submit Geo Tagged Images of your business to Flickr
  • Links pointing to the Google Maps Listing For Better Ranking Position
  • Create / Fix / Claim top 30 business directory listings (i.e. yelp, bing, yahoo).
  • Create KML, KMZ & XML sitemap
  • Add business address to your websites code using Schema.org Format
  • Add rel=”Publisher” snippet to your website.

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