By Terrance G Kern on March 31, 2015

Generating leads, being a top lead provider and assuring our clients the finest quality leads is our passion!  There is no question that the fuel to any organization is  SALES  and you can’t have sales if you don’t have leads.  We take pride in making sure we have the most valuable data on the planet.  We go through a very thorough process to confirm that all of our leads are phone verified and industry related.  It is not our intention to provide our clients with junk.  We want to do business with you long term so, there is no reason to be unethical or deliver a product that isn’t quality.   Call 855-877-0040 to get a count and cost today!.   We have leads for every industry.  With over 13 years of collecting, scrubbing, organizing and distributing data we have the most extensive collection of records in the business.


What type of Leads are you looking for?

This is the ultimate question.  No matter what business you are running we have a lead list for you.  You have the options to choose which lead lists you want to sent to.   It’s easy as 1,2,3!  Firstly, simply give us your demographics/specs. Secondly, we’ll run that query against our database and produce a list plus a cost.  Thirdly, we deliver the list in an excel spreadsheet or upload it to a ftp in which you can recover it.   Are you looking for leads in the Healthcare industry?  We have one of the largest databases for tricare leads  so, whatever product you want to be paid by the Government program we get amazing answering rates and your be ecstatic with your conversion rates.  Maybe your looking for leads within the Mortgage industry?  We have you covered there as well.  Like we mentioned before, all of our data is phone verified weekly and our database is massive.  If you’re looking for Quality Reverse Mortgage leads you will find them here.  Just give us a request and we’ll get you a count and a cost.   It’s that easy!  Maybe your and automotive dealer and you want to find records of people who own cars between 2000 and 2008?  We’ve got you covered!  It’s very easy.   Call 855-877-0040 to get a count and cost today!   What is a high quality lead worth to you?   Maybe you are looking for just general data or a regular military file of military leads?  We have those as well.

High Quality Lead provider for every industry

It is our goal to be the highest quality lead provider in every industry.   We intent on maintaining this goal by not bastardizing our database nor will greed or undesirable deals be made in the sake of jeopardizing a long term relationship.  These are our oaths and these are our standards.  We recognize a relationship to be more valuable than a large one-time order.  Therefore, all of the leads are phone verified.  Also, our database is scrubbed and refreshed weekly to confirm records are true.  If by chance you come across a faulted list we are going to work in order to make everything right.  Being a marketing company and doing lead generation for many many years within every industry we have taken all precautions to make sure that when we provide lead lists to call centers all of the leads are NOT quality lead providerpart of the the do not call list.  In addition to that all email lists are double opt in.  Therefore, if your buying leads are asking to run an offer on our lead lists you have the assurance that you are running with a high quality lead provider. Remember we have all types of leads so, whatever your request may be we have it.  Maybe your looking for Insurance Leads? All our email list rental data is updated monthly and lists are rebuilt quarterly. They meet all DMA privacy and security regulations and are fully CAN-SPAM compliant.

Ethical, Tested and Proven Lead Generation Company

It’s our business to be a lead generation company.  We make no out-bound calls!  How did you find us again.  It’s a good chance you found us by one of our Search Engine optimization campaigns or even one of our other marketing campaigns.  At the end of the day, we are in the business of generating leads.  We are a Lead generation company that utilize all types of different methods in order to make sure our customers get what they want and keep coming back to get more of what they want.  We stick to our guns and that is marketing.  We happen to be one of the more trusted Houston Internet Marketing company in all of Texas.  We have a lot of customers who just use us for our ability to manage their pay per clicks campaigns or structure an  SEO strategy for them.  Why do I mention this?  It’s because we are an award nominated marketing company who has test and proven methods to generate high quality leads.  We encourage you to give our proven lead generation company today for a count and a cost!


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