Is SEO still effective?

By Terrance G Kern on February 11, 2016

Several pseudo-experts have spun countless articles proclaiming that SEO is dead, however, SEO does not really seem to be extinct as there are still some evident features of its existence that will continue to last even in the future.

No doubt, SEO still remains an inevitable tool that is needed to successfully let people know about your business. As long as you want to be up to par with the competition, SEO is still a major factor to consider. It is all about an ongoing effort to improve search-ability of your website’s content both by users and search engines.

Is SEO still Effective?

There is no better time for your useful content to be found than at the exact time when it is needed by your customers. It is the value that is brought by search engine optimization to the online marketing mix. SEO will continue to be an important tool as long as people continue to engage search engines in finding information or businesses.  For more Texas Local SEO strategies visit this blog post

Although changes may be experienced from year to year in SEO techniques, it does not mean that the system is becoming ineffective. No, these techniques are adjusted to ensure that you remain on top of your game. SEO still remains the most significant element that keep your site ranking on a higher level in search engines and it is obvious that this may not change anytime soon.

So what then is happening?

The fact that SEO seems to be getting harder does not mean that it has become less effective. Of course, SEO does not appear to be the way it used to be anymore, as there is now a shift from that simple, repeatable process that was used to improve rankings. Instead, new methods that will help in promoting their brands such as social, email and content marketing.


SEO will certainly prove less effective if it is regarded as a method of blasting millions of automated links out into cyberspace, so as to get ranking for some head term that are clearly related to the intent of the searcher. But if it is regarded as the process of maximizing organic search traffic, then that is what SEO is all about. With this, SEO cannot be considered as less effective.

So, no matter how the trend of things may go in the world of blogging, SEO is still relevant. SEO has only taken a different turn in recent years because Google is always getting smarter day by day. As a result, good quality “smarter” content is being produced.

SEO is effective

Recently many marketers were thrown into intensive panic when Google engaged in a number of google algorithm updates. In reality, Google’s ultimate aim was to boost the visibility of high-value pages and lower those pages that are of low-value. As a result of the algorithm updates many websites suffered penalization. This has made many marketers to become doubtful about the SEO and its techniques. To fully understand the efficacy of SEO, here are some techniques to focus on.

Niche Specific Keyword Combinations

A search for intent behind searches was one of the changes that were introduced by the Google Hummingbird update. To this end, Google tries as much as possible to return pages of utmost relevance to searchers in accordance to the quest. It is important not to forget the relevance of keywords. However, think before you compile your keyword combinations. Put your legs in the users’ shoes and think of what they will enter when searching for your product or service. This time, focus your attention on conversational phrases and avoid broad terms.

When developing content to appeal to search phrases, it is important to remain focus on creating informative and educative content. Develop content that will provide visitors with relevant information about your products or services. Content should also be created for those users who only want to know about your specific brand.

Ensure to develop appealing content for searchers who are majorly interested in buying a product. This can be done by including words like deal, review, coupon and discount together with your primary keywords.

Fine Tune Your Site’s URL Structure

Due to the recent search engine algorithms, ensuring that your URL structure is well streamlined is now very imperative. URLs that contain a long string of characters should be avoided so as to ensure your site ranks well. Eliminate broken links and 404 errors from your website, this is a great way to ensure that your site is clean. Make sure that all your outbound links (if you have any have relevance to the content on that page. Ideally, having a lot of outbound links will not do much good as much as having original content for the sake of ranking high.

Higher Quality Links

With a few links from authority sites, your site will gain better ranking than when you have numerous links from sites of lesser-quality. Although these links may be hard to find, however, you must know that they can still be obtained. When your working with another Dallas SEO Company, You are sure to find editorial links when you write original content and publish it on other sites such as third-party sites. By so doing, you are focusing on developing interesting content and not promotional content.

Implement Secure Encryption on Your Site

Now, websites can receive a boost in rankings, when they utilize secure encryption. This was introduced when Google announced that HTTPs would be part of its measuring tool for ranking websites. Although HTTPs has been considered as a lightweight signal, there are tendencies that it will soon be strong.

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