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By Terrance G Kern on July 14, 2015

Being an Insurance leads provider and having high quality insurance data for call centers is our passion!  Call for the best insurance leads for sale today. Dial 855-877-0040 We take pride in making sure our phone rooms/Individuals have the best Insurance Leadsinsurance leads for sale.  We know all about purchasing insurance data, it can sometimes be very frustrating finding the right vendor.  The only true way to measure if a vendor is a good one is their ability to work with you to achieve success.  We understand that offers come and go at times so, building strong relationships with our vendors is our main priority.  All of our rooms/individuals make money with our data and if for some reason we have complications(EXTREMELY RARE).  We’ll work with you until we succeed.

The insurance industry has changed for Insurance lead providers

The Insurance Industry is constantly changing its game.  It is always about moving around expense to make things more affordable for consumers to buy insurance or be more attached to a certain companies offer.  Nevertheless, every time an insurance company finds a way to offer a better form of insurance we have to create more content and adjust our marketing efforts for that particular insurance offer.  We generate all types of Insurance leads but, we do it from a holistic marketing approach to generate Insurance leads.  After all our customers make money so, they are always hungry for more and more quality leads.  Like, we mentioned before we do not want to be a one and done type of Insurance lead provider.  It makes no sense for our business model nor does it allow us to build a relationship with your company.  Having a leads company and providing a lead service comes with more than just being able to generate a lead it satisfying our customer.  So, how has the Insurance business changed?  We just don’t offer insurance leads anymore.  We offer private insurance leads,  PPO leads,  Catamaran leads, Caremark leads, Cigna leads, Medco leads.  I think you can get the picture from there.  As an Internet marketer and generating alot of leads online we have to create, distribute, optimize, code and promote our assets in order to get your company data.  As you can see that takes massive effort and time for your benefit.

High Quality Insurance Leads for Sale!

We don’t only say we have quality insurance leads for sale we mean it!  We have all types of companies purchasing insurance leads and when you buy them you’ll understand why.  Allow our data team to work with you when it comes to providing you with the best leads within the insurance industry.  You may have certain parameters such as “medco insurance leads” in which you Insurance leads for salewhat to have us sell Insurance leads to you.  Maybe you need a certain geographic location?  Perhaps the are certain types of Insurance leads you need?  You may need health insurance leads, Auto Insurance leads,  Home insurance leads, Boat insurance leads, Reverse Mortgage Insurance leads etc.  There maybe a specific type of criteria where you’ll want to target a particular type of individual for you offer.   Nevertheless, we have designed our data base to organize data to produce any type of record you are looking for.  Keep in mind we are here to work with all of your data needs and provide you with the insurance records your looking for.  Give our data consultants a call today so we can get a count together and a price that makes sense for great sales and continual business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i succeed selling insurance when we're priced high and have bad leads?

This sounds like sales is not really a great fit for you. Rejection comes with the job and you need thick skin.

If you are really wanting to stick it out you just have to deal with the rejection and stress and grind it out. Best way to get other leads not on the "list" you're given? Referrals. Ask for them every time you sell something.

Life insurance sales people how do you get good leads?

Most generally prospect those who aren’t dead

Life insurance sales where do you get your leads?

I'll start. I get my leads from SEO (national). I've been fortunate to have a ranking website.

I am branching into local SEO as I move towards recruiting other agents.

I am also hoping to develop software this year that will let me datamine my existing clients. I have a couple thousand clients, and I've never contacted any of them after the initial sale.

Insurance leads not paying out?

it never works on my case too. Don't waste your time waiting or even trying since it will not work.

How can i acquire new b2b insurance company leads?

confusing text. you want leads/list of insurance companies?

like the switchboard or a title or what exactly? after you name what you want, simply Google

you'll get a variety of companies who sell lists and have one or more for sale that match your needs

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