How can you tell if you have Right Company doing your Dallas SEO?

By Terrance Kern on April 1, 2014

It’s hard to swallow but, our Industry has really gotten a bad reputation over the last few years because, the old SEO techniques just don’t work anymore.  Not to mention,  with so many companies offering SEO services for $300/mth it’s hard to believe that anything is being done at all.  Think about it!  If you were to get paid $300 for your products or services how long would you be working for?  A day?  Maybe two?  Well the same applies when you hire a Dallas SEO Company for that amount.


1)Do they rank highly in Google for their products and services

?2)Can they provide you references and are they Google Certified?

3)Are you getting all your online metrics set up so you can track the results?(Google Analytics, Custom Dashboards, Call Tracking?

4)Are you being provided with a report of the work that is getting done?

5)Do you have access via phone, email and chat whenever you want?


Results speak volumes when you are looking to hire a SEO company Dallas for your Dallas SEO.  If the company you hire isn’t on the first page for their own products and services do you really expect them to get you there for your company?  Its import you inspect the SEO Firm you are considering to do your internet marketing in Dallas for you.  Especially when it comes to ranking organically in Google.  If they don’t have multiple rankings in Google it’s a good chance you’re going to encounter a SEO Dallas that is just taking your money.
Irving SEO Services

If your company is in need of an in-depth analysis of how your website is communicating with the internet, what your competitions is doing and available opportunities within your market.  I encourage you to reach out to us via the contact form or simply call 855-877-0040

Always ask the Expert if you are able to speak to multiple current clients.  If they are reluctant to provide you with their customers information it’s a good chance encountered a snake oil SEO.  Ask yourself, if one of your potential customers asked you a question about your products and you told them “You don’t need to know that or that really isn’t important”.  Would you be more likely to get their business or less?  Can they provide you evidence that they are a Google Certified Partner?  Anyone who is going to assist you in being an Authority within Google should have the credentials to show.  Google has many different certifications professionals can obtain after completing their courses.  They place these courses within their platform for a specific reason.  To assure you understand how to utilize their tools and obtain credentials to show others.  Again, ask yourself would a customer feel more or less comfortable using your products and services if you had something to show that you are an authority in your field?

Dallas SEO Metrics


Results are great but, if you’re not aware of what your traffic is doing when they find you it’s hard to measure just how effective your Dallas SEO Campaign is doing.  For example, if your organic listing are getting tons of impressions but, our clicks are low what does that have to say about my message?  Also, if the listings are getting a lot of clicks but, they aren’t converting what does that have to say about the website?  Without custom dashboards, goal metrics or conversion tracking it is very difficult to determine how your overall campaign is performing.  Not to mention, what is needed to be done in order to improve.

Keep in mind, your data doesn’t lie to you and you owe it to your business to have these metrics in play to measure your online progress.  Again, I encourage you to reach out to one of our Dallas SEO Experts to get your FREE Market Overview just call 855-877-0400 or fill out the contact form.

Besides having analytics, webmaster tools and your call tracking in place to measure the progress of your overall campaign it’s essential that your Dallas SEO Expert provides you with SEO Expert Dallas reporting on what work has been done.  There are going to be some technical and coding items that won’t necessarily show up on the reports such as redirects, Canonical errors, ect.  Nonetheless, these should all be documented.   For instance, did content get developed?  Put it on a spreadsheet.  Did High authority contextual backlinks get built?  Put it on a spreadsheet and if it’s coming from a low quality, non-niche directory basically they are taking your money and giving you zero value.  At the end of the day, everything should be documented.

Custom Dashboard.


Finally, a professional Internet Marketing Company Dallas will always be available for you when you want them.  If they can’t attend to you that very instant they should AT LEAST be able to schedule regular conference calls to address your needs.  Is there ample enough email support?  Typically your questions should be address within 15 mins if you have a professional SEO Firm attending to your project.  Support is everything when it comes to managing your Search Engine Optimization Campaign and you want to have the “warm and fuzzy” that there is an extension of your company protecting your best interest. So, to wrap up 1)If you are going to hire a Cheap SEO Company for a couple hundred bucks/mth just remember this.  You’ll wait 4 to 6 months spend $1200 to $2500 and end up exactly where you started off. 2)Confirm that you’re working with certified people instead of a company that just does web design remember designers aren’t always SEO’s 3)Get the References and always confirm you can measure the results!

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