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The Texas SEO Company and The Miami SEO Company both are leading PPC Management Companies and SEO firms with true talent on their team. More importantly, they are companies that practice what they preach by ranking their own websites and having beautiful websites with excellent conversion rates which is what you should look for in a marketing company. Having a web design company spruce up the look and feel of your website can be very advantageous, especially if you are spending money on Internet marketing. When you have a website with a modern look and a great user experience, the rate at which your visitors convert into paying customers increases. This rate is known as a conversion rate to marketing professionals and you can track the rate of any type of conversion using the power of Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track certain actions such as purchases (if you sell products on your eCommerce website) or form submissions. Knowing how your visitors interact with your site and how they convert can help you make educated decision on improving your websites user experience and conversion rate. If you don’t have Google Analytics, you should contact us right away so we can help you set it up or read my post on how to install Google Analytics for the first time. If you have an eCommerce website and you are not tracking your eCommerce revenue, you will want to call Terrance Kern immediately so that he can help you set it up right away. Not having ROI tracking on a eCommerce website is very counter productive and you will never know which products or parts of your website are truly profitable or not.

In light of the topic at hand, you may have noticed that we redesigned our website recently and our traffic is responding to it in a very favorable way. Our traffic stats are through the roof and our conversion rates are higher than ever. Hiring a web design company in Texas might be the smartest move to make, especially if your website is out of date and your competitors all have very modern looking websites. When we design websites or redesign existing web sites we always make sure to include the best practices for search engine marketing. We ensure each page has a unique title, description, sufficient content and images with proper alt attributes. Weather you need a eCommerce website design or a simple WordPress site, we can make it happen quickly and professionally.

We Used Our Own Web Design Services Recently… Why Did we Re-Design Our Website?

Redesign websites can help you make the most of your traffic because people trust in companies that have up to date sites more than companies with websites from the 80’s. They sometimes feel a sense of security knowing that this company can afford to have a nice looking website and it can build enough confidence in them to want to do business with you. We are going measure the performance of our website by using Google Analytics and tracking the average visitor duration as well as other metrics like avg. time on site and pages per visit. There are many reasons why you would want to redesign you website, one being that your website doesn’t look as nice as your competitors and another might be because you have no idea how to make changes to your site so you wanted a website with a user friendly management system like WordPress that requires little webmaster experience.  Very rarely is it a bad idea to upgrade your website, but if you hire any old company or free lancer to rebuild your website you can end up doing more harm than good, especially if you have a strong SEO presence. If the person in charge of handling your website redesign is not aware of the SEO basics that need to be adhered to when redesigning a site you could end up loosing all of your search engine traffic! Even if you’re not redesigning you site, you should also be cautious when modifying your site so that you don’t harm your existing SEO efforts. I wrote a post titled “The Do’s and Don’ts of Modifying Your Website” which you should read if you are going to modify your sites content.

We recently were contacted by a business owner who needed an Texas web design company to redesign his website in a way that would allow him to manage his site and his CRM in one place instead of having to use a separate CRM and CMS. We were able to provide him with a custom Drupal solution which allowed him to manage his inventory and his website in one easy to use place.


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