Hedge Fund Digital Marketing: How to Get Started

By Terrance G Kern on March 14, 2018

According to a study by Meyler Capital, digital marketing is one of the most important things to invest in for hedge funds and private equity firms. The market is more competitive than ever in 2018, plus more customers rely on the internet for information than ever before. Hedge funds need to start paying more attention to their online presence.

Getting started with digital marketing is not difficult. There are plenty of resources that will help you utilize the available digital marketing instruments to promote your services. Developing a digital strategy that works for your hedge fund is where the challenge lies; we are going to discuss how you can get started with formulating your own strategy in this article.

The Objectives

Before you can set your objectives, you need to understand your target customer. Customers look for certain things from a hedge fund. They tend to rank top hedge funds based on performance, credibility, and authority (the hedge fund’s position on the market). They also interact with hedge funds and their marketing campaigns in a certain way.

With these details in mind, you know that there are three main objectives to achieve from your digital marketing efforts:

  • Branding
  • Establishing authority
  • Building trust and credibility

These are objectives that can be achieved with a well-planned digital marketing campaign. With these objectives in mind, it is time to continue to the next step.

The Instruments

Establishing a strong online presence and developing a recognizable brand online are the first things to do to get started. This means setting up a website that really represents the hedge fund, as well as establishing social media pages to match.

Don’t promote your site and social media pages just yet. You need to add value by filling these outlets with valuable content that customers can benefit from. This is where content marketing comes in.

The same can be said for social media. Start posting valuable content and begin interacting with other users – especially industry experts – to gain traction. Getting started is always the most difficult part, but being persistent will get you to the level of brand recognition you want.

The Strategies

There are several ways you can achieve your goals. A good digital marketing campaign combines multiple tactics to reach the right audience segment and achieve specific goals. In the case of hedge funds, there are several proven tactics you can use.

To develop a strong authority, for instance, content marketing is the key. The more valuable your content is, the more people will share it, and the more your brand will be recognized as an authoritative force in the industry.

For credibility, you want to work with influencers and industry leaders. Credibility is born and enhanced when there are more credible people and media outlets talking about your hedge fund in a positive way.

Of course, these tactics need to be executed seamlessly to produce a bigger impact. They are also the beginning of a long digital marketing campaign for your hedge fund. After all, digital marketing is never a one-time thing; it is a continuous effort to keep your hedge fund ahead of its competitors.

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