Google Update: Will Effect 40% of Websites SEO

Google announced in February that they will prefer websites that are more mobile-friendly. See the announcement here.  Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji says  “40%+ websites will be effected.”  The update will effect more websites than Panda or Penguin.  A lot of companies and websites were effected BIG time by the other updates. Google’s new mobile-friendly update will effect 40%+ website! Search engine journal goes into the update in alot of detail here.

What should I do about it?

You still have time.  The release isn’t until the end of April but, it doesn’t leave you much time.  First and foremost you should be analyzing your current website and determining what type of user experience your traffic is getting.  If your website is not displaying your content in a manner that is accessible to consumers coming from the search engines on a mobile devise than you should absolutely be in talks with your webmaster about a mobile responsive web design Dallas .  Not only is it valuable to you with the mobile devises but, it will also display better and look more profession.  When end users are choosing to purchase products or they are trying to determine which services provider they would like to choose.  It typically comes down to who has the best looking website and which provides that best user experience.  If you are making it easy for customers to find what they want and in a aesthetically nice manner it’s a good chance you can earn the business.

Google Mobile responsive update


The Update is a SEO/Search Engine Optimization Update

There are not if’s, and’s or but’s about it this is a SEO update.  This update is part of the Google Algorithm to make sure they are displaying the best product to their end users.  If you don’t have this as part of your ranking signals telling Google you want to be an above average result to their search engine results page then you don’t want to rank in Google.  Being a Houston SEO company providing Houston SEO services it’s our duty to inform our customers and community the potential problems they may experience if they don’t take heed to the upcoming update.  Part of the reason Google feel’s that this is necessary is because, almost half of the searches are coming from mobile devises or tablets now.   Smartbiztrends likes to think that number is more like 60%  we like to think differently because, by looking at alot of different companies analytics we rarely see that amount of traffic come strictly from mobile.  More often we see something like the graph above.  Mobile users rarely make it to organic results because, the sponsored ads just dominate all of the real estate.  Savvy organic users always skip right over the ads to see how their organic rankings are doing.



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