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By Terrance Kern on October 30, 2014

This is going to be an easy one but, if you are new to the internet or have a brand new website this is the absolute BARE Bones minimum your website should be recording using Google Analytics.  So, this one is for you!  THE NEW , INEXPERIENCED, UNSKILLED USER” .  Nevertheless, it’s vital you have Google Analytics working on your website because, it will give you valuable information that you can always utilize when determining “high peaks”, spikes and down seasons.  Even more important measuring success!

BARE BONE #1(Make sure you have Google’s Universal tracking code in the website)

 It’s simple, you want to understand who is coming to your website.  Google allows this to be easily determined by installing a snippet of code into the header tag of your website.  When you have signed up for Google Analytics at you’ll Google Analytics Tracking Codehave have a dashboard that looks like this.  Simply click on the tracking drop down box to find the “tracking code”.  Then copy your code and insert it into the header tab of your website or every page that you to track visitors.  At this point you’ll be able to see overall traffic metrics that can give you good insight to who is actually coming to your site and where they are coming from.  We’ll be going into this in a little more detail further in this post.  For now at least you have some metrics to work off of.

BARE BONE #2(Make sure you have Goal’s Tracking your conversion forms)

 For this step Google Analyticswhen your in the user interface, you’ll see a screen like this sample displayed.(Click to Enlarge).  On the top you’ll hit “Admin” to enter this page and when you get here you have a “all web site data” column to your right.  In this column we’ll find the “Goals” option.  Simply click into it and lets create a goal.   Your going to have to click on the RED button that allows you to create a new goal it looks like this below. Google Create a Goal Most of the time when we bring on a new client, or a customer calls us looking for an Austin SEO Company, the first thing we look for are contact forms, call to actions or custom email capture area’s that we can create a goal for .  Most of the time these forms, after you fill them out will redirect you to another page that congratulates you or “thank-you” for filling out the form.  You’ll need this url handy to set up a goal that show you form submissions.  Therefore whenever anyone fills out a form on your website Google Analytics will keep track of how many time this is happening on your website.  Therefore, you can confirm that you have received X amount of submission forms.  After you hit “add a new goal”, you have the ability to determine what type of action a user is committing on your website.  Another screen willContact us Goal. ask you what type of goal your want to track.  In this case, it’s a “Contact us” goal so, in the goal set up after you hit add a new goal, this form will request that you choose what type of goal it is.  In which, you’ll select the contact us option under the inquiry section and proceed to the next step.   Here you’ll label your goal so, you understand what your user filled out.  In this case, they have filled out a contact us form and simply choose the destination field to confirm the action the user has to complete in order for this goal to track.  For this instance, they have filled out your contact us form so, after the users information has been imputed you website will then thank them for filling out a form.  Typically the destination url that will appear after a form is completed will be /thank-you/ or /thankyou, etc. FireShot Screen Goal thank-you SEE TO Left.


Bare Bone #3(Check your Audience Overview section to see traffic)

You are now ready to review overall traffic to your website this is very helpful when we are participating in Austin Internet Marketing or Doing Austin PPC.  Google Analytics Audience OverviewIn the audience overview section you have alot of great available data at your disposal to determine the general information about your traffic.  Now you can determine great stuff like How long a user has been on your site, how many different users have come, how many total sessions were completed, pages viewed, bounce rates, average time on site and average pages viewed per session.  This is all valuable information that you can utilize to how to improve the user experience for you traffic.  Simply put, if users are coming to your site, only viewing one page and staying on for less than 30 seconds it could be your content isn’t engaging enough.  If users are coming to your website, viewing several pages, spending minutes on your site but, not filling out any forms it could be your offer isn’t enticing enough.  Nevertheless, I hope this helped and you have a better understanding from reading up on Google Analytics 101.



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