Extracting Facebook Marketing Data from Content Sharing

By Mervyn Kinuthia on May 3, 2018

Facebook has become such an inherent part of our lives that everybody is sharing on Facebook these days. It is not a preserve of marketers or brands, but everyone who is logged in can share videos, images, content, you name it. Fun family moments have gone viral overnight making ordinary Joes stars with a click and a like.

Facebook marketing

Unfortunately, most marketers do not realize that there is a great lesson to be learned from all this content sharing. In fact, all you need is the know-how and the right tools and you will have acquired very useful data for your future marketing endeavors.

In this article, I’ll cover useful ways explaining how you can mine this data which will include tips on how you can discover:

  • Content topics
  • Best posting times
  • Headlines
  • Best post types

Boosting Organic Reach

Have you been trying to boost the organic reach of your content to no avail? Worry no more, here is the low down of how you can glean data to help you understand the best types of post to publish on Facebook in order to boost your organic reach.

Facebook marketing publishing

If you have previously attempted to market on Facebook, then you are probably aware that Facebook changes their news feed algorithm frequently.

The news feed algorithm is responsible for determining the posts that appear in every user’s newsfeed. This underscores why it is important to understand how it works. Changes to the algorithm will have an impact on how well some posts perform.

In order to keep your content creation in line with these algorithm changes, you will need to keep track of how different types of posts perform. For an accurate understanding, it is recommended that you use Facebook’s own inbuilt tools, that is, Facebook Insights.

In addition, you will need to note down the time you published the post on Facebook and keep track of how much engagement the post has initiated.

To be fair, sometimes you might not know where to start. I believe that competitor analysis is a great way of getting ideas as well as inspiration. You can conduct a competitor analysis by using a tool such as Rival IQ. With Rival IQ, you will gain insight into what type of content your competition is publishing and how well their posts are performing. Using the gained data you can reverse engineer their work and come up with an effective and bespoke approach to how you create content and what times you publish it.

Another tool that might prove useful is Simply Measured’s Facebook Content Analysis Report. With it, you will be able to analyze, the top video or image, link posts, as well as status updates that are published on any page and that have less than 250,000 Likes.

By regularly conducting analyses on the posts you or your competitors publish, you will be able to create and publish posts that will have an organic reach that is broad as well as enhance engagement levels with your audience.

Most Engaging Topics For Your Fans

Facebook fans

Sometimes it is hard coming up with a post topic that will resonate with your audience. This could be for several reasons;

  • As a marketer you might be working for a client in an industry that you are not fully familiar with
  • Perhaps you have been in that space for so long that you are suffering from a burn out

If this is the case, you can use your Facebook shares to find out what topics are popular with your audience.

You could opt to consult your audience and find out from them if they would like you to educate them on a certain topic by creating an insightful post.

You can easily find out what topics are popular with your audience by paying attention to how they engage with the post. This can take two forms, that is,

  • The audience will share great content either as a link or as a photo post
  • You’ll understand what questions people have when they comment on your profile or page

By taking these two factors into account, you can then address any content gaps that you noticed either from the comments left by your readers or write on a similar topic in future if your post receives many shares.

How To Get Viral Headline Formulas For Your Blog

Headlines are a powerful way to catch the attention of the reader. This is especially the case for content that is published on your website but featured on your Facebook page. A dull headline can be a make or break factor that will determine how many people end up reading the article published on your site.

When creating a catchy headline one of the factors you need to consider is that it needs to have not more than 70 characters. In fact, 70 characters is the sweet spot. If your headline has this many characters, people are more likely to click through to your website as well as share it with their friends on Facebook.

You can opt to use a tool like Buzzsumo that allows you to take a peek at which headline formulas are the most effective.

All you need to do is key in the topic you want to write on then filter the results based on the most number of Facebook shares.

One thing you will notice is that the most shared content features numbers in its headline.

As a pro user, you can export up to 10,000 results in a spreadsheet, hence getting an opportunity to discover more formulas.

For instance, by going through all cat posts that have been shared not less than 5,000 times on Facebook you would gain the following insight:

A majority of the headlines begin with a number that ranges from 4 to 100, other headlines feature numbers elsewhere in the headline

  • A significant number of headlines include photos
  • 2 headlines talk about a ‘grumpy’ cat
  • About 70 headlines answer a question starting with ‘how’
  • Some headlines talk about ‘famous’ cats
  • About 15 headlines give ‘reasons’

There is more insight to be gained by going through all of the cat headlines but the few shown above drive the point home. It is important to analyze headlines in your industry!

Understanding When Is The Best Time To Share

It is important that you publish your Facebook post during the time of day when you are likely to get the most engagement. By analyzing the data on Facebook Insight, you can easily tell when your audience are most active on Facebook and consequently can schedule to have your posts publish during that time.

You can also rely on other sources of information to get a good idea of when is the best time to publish your post. For instance, Neil Patel has published a post that offers some insight on the best time to post your content on various social media networks.

I do encourage you though to use the data you glean from Facebook Insight. It gives more accurate data on when is the best time to publish your post based on your own posting history.

One of the best ways to determine when is the best time to publish a post on Facebook, is by posting content at least three times during the day and measuring the amount of engagement you receive with every post.

If after finding the best time to publish your content on Facebook you notice that there is a drop in audience engagement, you can always start testing different times to find out if you can find a new optimal schedule.

Collecting Data From Difference In Reach Between Profiles, Groups and Pages

If you publish content on all three, that is, pages, groups and your own profile, you already have noticed that each of these channels has a different reach.

You can use social media tools such as Oktopost to discover which Facebook shares are enjoying the most engagement.

The best way to go about measuring which of your channels has the widest reach is by posting the same content across all three channels and analyzing which one has the most engagement.

In particular, you will be looking at these three metrics:

  • Click-through rate to your website
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook comments

Determining The Most Engaged Groups on Facebook

If you would like your brand to get more visibility out of Facebook; beyond fans, followers and friends, then you should definitely consider Facebook groups.

By using a tool such as Oktopost, you are able to discover which groups you are part have the highest engagement rates for your posts.

On top of expanding your reach using Facebook groups, you can find out the best types of posts, best times to share and engaging topics to publish on such groups by analyzing the content already published on such groups.

What You Can Learn From Your Most Engaged Friends

Would you like to know which one of your friends is the biggest ambassador of your brand? By using social media tools, you can get incredible insights on friends that engage with brand posts published on your own profile.

One such tool is Wolfram Alpha.

Using insight acquired from the tool, you can easily identify which of your friends you want to include in your marketing campaign the next time you launch a product or service.

You might also want to consider inviting these friends to your pages as they will make colossal contributions.

In conclusion, it is very easy to gain insight from content you have published on Facebook in the past. All you need to have are the right tools, and you can come up with the best marketing strategies.







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