Evaluating your Houston SEO company

By Terrance Kern on October 7, 2014

When evaluating your Houston SEO company it really comes down to a few simple factors.  Is your traffic improving, are your conversions increasing and is your investment turning and ROI?  As a business owner your time is best spent attending to customers, growing the organization and looking out for the betterment of the organization.  Do you really have time to look at code, optimize code, blog, write articles, study analytics and bang your head over data?  Absolutely not!   This is why it’s pertinent to have a Google Certified partner managing your Internet marketing campaigns.  Let’s Start!

Data Driven Campaigns that Increase ROI.

When your working with a Google Certified Partner you understand precisely what your marketing Dollars are doing for you.  There is no guess work.  Whether its regular paid search, remarketing, dynamic remarketing, display, shopping or organic campaign it’s important you can have access to the bottom line at a glance.  We utilize Analytics, webmaster tools and Excel spreadsheets so, youHouston SEO Company understand what goes in and what comes out.  Customized Analytics give you alot of insight to how you are performing, therefore a customized dashboard dedicated to show you the most important aspects of your campaign should be at your finger tips so, you aren’t in the dark about what is happening with your money.  Other aspects of these analytics should include measuring the success of you best products or services and analyzing why those products and services are doing as well as they are. There are tools within analytics that help us measure that but, if you don’t know where these features are what good does it do?  Again, your busy running your business wouldn’t it make sense to allow professionals who’s entire day is spent looking for these items?  Of course it does.

Reporting done by professional Houston SEO agency

Again, what is the purpose of hiring a Houston SEO company when you aren’t able to measure exactly what your getting out of it?  It would be like having a napkin folding company and not tracking how many napkins got folded at the end of the day.  For  SEO Services Houstoninstance, we’ll analyze this napkin senario.  The only real way to determine how your napkin business is producing is by the total amount of napkins are being produced by the employee’s and the demand for napkins.  As the boss in charge your job is to go up to all of the employee’s stacks and you could see a sizable stack to determine whether or not they were producing.  Hiring a houston seo company that can’t give you tangible reporting is like hiring and employee that is producing as many napkins as everyone else.  For sake of determining what that is we’ll call that Employee Bob.  Now Bob is a good person, very nice and never has anything bad to say about anybody but, everytime you examine Bob’s stack it’s always considerably smaller than the rest of the employee’s.  Common sense say’s that business can’t sustain by keeping Bob under these circumstances.  So, why would it be sensable to keep a Houston SEO company that performs the same way?  It doesn’t!

In Finishing

Professional Houston SEO’s have Meeting or Phone Conferences.

If your not colaborating with your search engine optimization specialist on a regular basis you are not giving your campaign the imput it needs.  Of course, the Houston SEO expert should be able to do all of the activities to get search engines to recognize you as an authority but, your the business owner.  Nobody understands your business better than you do.  Your expertise and collaboration is vital to identifying additional avenues of potential visitors the SEO may not be able to have the hindsight to determine.  Although it’s very obvious to you, the business owner, your leadership to help the Houston Internet Marketing company realize this is a vital part of making the campaign improve and grow to the business owners standards.  Now if your looking for a Houston SEO Company go here and a professional will start consulting with you to dominate your competition.

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