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By Terrance G Kern on October 10, 2015

email marketing for politiciansProviding email marketing campaigns for politicians and being a Politician email marketing company is our passion! Even though the trend of bulk email campaigns for politicians isn’t a relatively new one, it is becoming one of the fastest growing and popular trends. Those candidates who are running for a political position must catch on to politician email campaigns if they want to increase the likelihood of their victory. This is because if their competitors employ these tactics before them, they will be left out in the dust.   Call today 855-877-0040

How can politicians benefit from email marketing?

As with other types of marketing, the right type of politician email marketing can be the difference between politician email marketingsuccess and failure. It is essential for political campaigns to understand that their supporters have different concerns, and that different people are likely to support the same politician for vastly different reasons.  Some supporters may support email marketing campaign for politicians because they are concerned about the fiscal policy or tax. While there may be other supporters who are more engaged on social issues. In order to make sure that every message which is being sent is relevant, it is important to survey those supporters and segment them based on their concerns. That relevancy will likely to have a huge impact on fundraising and responses. So it is extremely essential to get this part right.  This is especially important for politicians.

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Timing is also an important consideration when designing email marketing for the republican party. Political campaigns must walk a fine line between overwhelming supporters with unwanted messages and having those supporters forget about your campaign altogether.
Having an email marketing company  to help you develop a strategy allow you to focus in on your message and not worry about managing data.  One strategy to welcome new supporters is to set up an auto-responder. That auto-responder should also include a call to action. This could simply be a donation or an invitation to visit the website. After that, the campaigns can design their messages as issue arises. This will be done while keeping in mind that each message is being targeted specifically to the proper segment of the mailing list.

What should the email campaign include?

A lot of factors go into designing politician email campaigns. Like a great subject line is an important aspect for traditional businesses, the same level of importance for it is held for political campaigns as well. Many people have the habit of scanning their email inboxes very quickly. Therefore, by using an attention-grabbing subject line, it is the best way to ensure that your messages get through.  We know that email marketing is a big extension of Internet marketing for politicians over 2/3rds of email is getting read from mobile devices so, that’s a big way to brand the message of your campaign

Try keeping the subject line short. The preferable length is between 30 to 50 characters. Long subject lines will have the tendency of simply being ignored or remaining unopened. Politicians should make it a point to use subject lines which tend to accurately reflect the content of the email while also portraying a sense of urgency. Political campaigns often use bulk email campaigns for politicians to respond to recent events. They usually include a reference to that day’s news in order to make it more effective.  Unlike Pay per click services for politicians our message in email is somewhat more format and has the ability to drive campaign funding or more awareness.

bulk email campaigns for politiciansIt is also a good idea to keep the content of the emails short and to the point. If you have properly segmented your mailing list, each email will be relevant to the recipient. Making your point quickly allows the recipient the opportunity to act quickly. This could include a variety of options such as making a donation, ordering a lawn sign, or participating in an upcoming rally. You should also keep in mind to optimize your emails so that they are compatible with mobiles as well. This is because many of the supporters are likely to check their emails on the go.  You’ll need the data to apply bulk email services for political campaigns so, consult with us about the best way to obtain that data.

Email marketing for the democratic party should include an easy option for the donation button on each email. Raising money is critical to success in the modern era. Therefore, politicians need to make it easy for their supporters to donate to the cause. It can be a good idea to include several different levels of donation in order to accommodate all supporters. Including a low amount is a great way to encourage people to open their pockets and give to the cause.

Politicians also need to engage their participants. The politicians need to make them feel like a part of the conversation and not just a source of funds. The campaigns who will be successful in achieving this goal will see their funds rising, and possibly their political fortunes as well.

Five reasons why email marketing is an excellent investment for politicians

  • In modern times, politician email campaigns is less intrusive than the more traditional methods of advertising. Voters are pretty much used to tuning out the ads on the TV or radio. They are also used to immediately throwing away any political literature that they tend to get in the mail. But a politician’s email marketing campaign allows the voters to get the message at their own convenience. They can also receive it in a more intimate fashion as opposed to seeing it on television or through snail mail.
  • The email marketing software makes it an extremely easy task to personalize the message. The chances of a person opening a mail is highly increased when they see their name on the subject line as well as in the salutation. Such personalization options simply do not tend to exist in the case of the traditional means of marketing and advertising.
  • For politicians, email marketing provides far more versatility and interactivity than any other medium. It is easy to embed into each message pictures and videos of the politician on the campaign trail. In addition, each message can serve as an all-in-one guide to the politician. Do not only offer pictures and videos in the email. Try including the list of the candidate’s schedule and where he or she will be appearing as well as a link to the campaign’s homepage.
  • Email marketing of politicians tend to provide an unedited and unfiltered message. It is difficult to summarize a campaign within a 30-second advertisement. So why not try taking off in a new direction with the help of email marketing? Use it to go in-depth about the candidate’s views and really capture the voter’s attention.
  • The ratio of investment to return in email marketing is unmatched. Buying and implementing email marketing software will cost a candidate a fraction of the money and time he or she would need to place ads in newspapers or on the airwaves. Anyone with a minimal amount of computer experience can handle the software. This means campaign money can be spent on the actual campaign

This is very different that Social Media Campaigns for politicians  we suggest you go there for a full scale of what to do with those campaigns.  Nevertheless, get in touch with our email marketing campaigns for politicians today!

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