By Terrance G Kern on October 8, 2014

Who’s BoB, you ask?

We all know Bob.  Bob is that self-proclaimed expert who has the answers for everything.  It may be SEO for Roofing Companies, How to build a stable structure or in our industry’s case Texas Internet Marketing.  Even if he answers a question incorrectly, it’s correct!  Not only is it correct but, it is emphatically correct.  Bob is also a one-man show.  He needs no assistance nor would he even consider any assistance from a know nothing like you.   Don’t ever offend Bob, this is dangerous.  Especially if your existing Texas or Dallas Website Design is on his servers or anybody else’s servers Bobfor that matter.  Attempting to get FTP, Cpanel, Web 2.0, admin login, php or ABC 123 is virtually impossible if you ever decide to replace BOB.  Bob is a master of the “Head Fake”. DO NOT ask him a yes or no question because, this could very easily turn into a 1 hr discussion on the ergonomics of lifting heavy objects. This get’s me every time I ask Bob for my passwords.  Always keep in mind, BOB is very busy, except when you are becoming a new client.  If you unfortunately pay Bob and he doesn’t pick up your phone calls, answer your emails or respond through the project management system it’s because, he is heavily entrenched completing complex internet marketing tasks, Discovering alter universes and practicing dimension leaping.  Although, you may think Bob has disappeared he is looking at you right now in another dimension.(Look Right!)

Bob’s SEO Expertise and Philosophies

To be continued…..


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