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By Terrance G Kern on June 2, 2016

Award Nominated Search Engine Marketing Company

Being an award nominated Search Engine marketing company and providing search engine marketing services is our passion.  (SEM) better know as search engine marketing encompasses every portion of the search engines.  WE are not just speaking about organic ranking or the pay per click portion of the search engine but, also the shopping and maps sections as well.  If you have an eCommerce store or you are generating leads for your services we have the solutions for every aspect call our professional search engine marketing company today at 855-877-0040 and someone at our SEM Agency will layout for a quality game plan for you.

Why should you hire a SEM Agency?

Search Engine Marketing CompanyThere are many reasons why you should hire a SEM agency.  So of the main reason are if you are a busy organization owner or business owner.  It’s best that you have a team looking after your marketing efforts for the search engines.  There are a lot of moving parts that are involved with a Search Engine Marketing campaign.  If you were to bring all of these efforts in house you would have to pay a Pay per click specialist, a search engine optimization professional, a google shopping programmer, and a google map company.  Each of these individuals could easily command $50k/year salaries and that is on the cheap end.  Doesn’t it make that much more sense to get all of those combined in one SEM Agency at a fraction of the cost?  Of course it does!! .  We can stress it enough that we have been nominated for the 2014 US Search awards for multiple different Search Campaigns most notably our nomination for “Best PPC campaign”  In which our competiton was the PGA tour and HSBC bank.  Another great thing about has an SEM agency as your search engine marketing company is that you communicate with multiple teams.   There is a specialist for every aspect of your SEM campaign.  You have a Google Partner Adwords Certified  pay per click manager to speak with on executive conference calls to go over results.  Nevertheless, the adwords platform is always changing at such a rapid rate.  Do you really have the time to be monitoring Google’s every move?  A director of search will be monitoring all of  your organic efforts developing in-depth analytics reports so, you can easily see your improvements. At the end of the day, when you have a search engine marketing agency handling your day to day search marketing efforts you can enjoy the piece of mind of running your business.

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What does a Search Engine marketing firm do?

A Google Partner Search Engine marketing firm will handle every aspect of the search engine. We can break down and measure search engine marketing into 4 sections(SEO PPC Shopping and Maps) and those sections are further sub-divided into what’s involved for those sections. Let’s start with the organic search portion of search engine Marketing or “SEM”. Our Search Engine SEM agencymarketing company has a very thorough optimization department and SEO is very tedious work.  It consists of creating content, coding content, marketing content and building authority to that content from outside sources other than your inner pages of your website.  There is no better lead than leads that is generated from organic search.  Why is this?  Because it is precisely what they are looking for when they type it into the search engines.  If your not properly coding the page with the exact header tags, titles, meta’s, geo’s, alt’s, etc your not giving your page the items necessary to outrank your competition.  Secondly, a tested and proven search engine marketing firm will provide you top notch Pay Per Click management services.  Pay search is very advanced these days and has many moving parts from regular paid to re-targeting and dynamic remarketing all of these need constant attention and are a full-time job.  Once again you have to ask yourself, do you have the time to constantly be monitoring these rapidly moving parts?  This is all our search engine marketing firm does.  We have all the best talent in place and pay our people good money so, your don’t.   Lastly, if you have an e-commerce store you have to be doing Google Shopping.   As you may well know, Google shopping consists of some delicate programming to fully optimize your search shopping optimization.  You have to dedicate a landing page, an image URL, product descriptions, categories and much much more.  If your not an expert in XML feed or setting up custom data feeds it’s a good chance your products will never get noticed.  All the more reason a professional search engine marketing company like ours is the best fit to help you in this Area.

How do search engine marketing services help your business?

If you want to dominate your competition in the search engines having professionals in who have tested and proven search engine marketing services give you the upper hand.  I think as stated earlier there are a couple of factors that determine whether or not your need search engine marketing services.  A)Do you have the necessary skills required to compete at all levels of the search engines? B)Do you have the time to perform the tasks?  This is why companies choose us.  Business’s like the fact that we have dedicated conference calls to review every level of the SEM campaign.  Using  conversion tracking tools such as analytics and call tracking metrics give us the ability to accurately determine ROI for the campaign.  Don’t hesitate and start dominating your competition today.  Our search engine marketing company is one of the best SEM agencies in the business.  We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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