What does your Anchor Text Density look like?

By Terrance G Kern on February 17, 2015

What’s an anchor text density?  Sounds funny doesn’t it.  Nevertheless, it’s an important way of determining whether or not you are communicating with the internet correctly.   Recently due to Penguin updates it’s become more and more important to watch out for what your backlinks are saying when they come into your website.  Search Engine optimization and Search Marketing really depends on the trust signals you are getting from other websites and if your having too many links saying the same thing your are running the risk of getting filtered or even penalized for being a spammer.

Anchor Text for SEO

What is Anchor Text?

Simply put The formula/code for anchors is <ahref=”www.yourwebsite.com”>keyword<a/>

It’s the readable clickable text that appears when you are hyper-linking to a reference point.  Usually reference points are very relevant and bring more validity to the subject being spoken about.  Search engines like to use links to get an idea of what the content is about so, they’ll try and get an idea by the different talking points in that topic.  For instance if I have a Category of “fish” and link to a reference point that is an Ocean it’s most likely my topic is about Saltwater fish.  Where as, if in the same piece of content I were to link to lake instead of ocean it makes more sense that it is talking about a freshwater fish.  Nevertheless, anchor text creates a reference to a page to get more information on that particular idea.

How does anchor text help my SEO?

Internet marketers use anchors in hopes it that the referencing anchor will bring authority for that particular keyword.  Linking is still a highly utilized trust signal on determining whether or not your an authority on that subject.  For instance we are a Dallas SEO Company and we do Dallas Internet Marketing.  These are blatant attempts for search engines to follow our links and trust us that we are authorities on these topics.  But how relevant is it to my topic?  Well, the post is about Anchor text which is predominately utilized by Search Engine Optimization Companies and Search engine optimization is a form of Internet marketing.  Therefore, the links make sense.  The only thing that really doesn’t make sense is the word “Dallas”.   In which, the relevancy of the landing page will allow search engines to understand that I have a more focused type of SEO and Internet Marketing.  One that is for a geographic area and it may not be very important for someone living in, lets say New York, it which it may be better to reference a source that is a “New York SEO Company” to laser focus in on a geographical location.

Things TO DO & NOT TO DO with Anchor text.

Absolutely use an anchor when you have earned a link from a high authority website.   DO NOT use a link creating software that find’s as many sites possible to drop a link for a specific keyword.  Do diversify your anchor text profile.  It’s important that you are not sticking/repeating the same keyword over and over and over and over and over <<<<< theres a link for 21 and over as a joke of course.  Instead, you should always we mixing your anchor text up.  This does a couple of things.  A) It bring authority into your website from many different sources meaning you can be trusted because other sources are trusting your content B) Referencing your relevant pages brings validity to the topic of the article.   Brand specific/Category Specific type anchors or mixing brand into keyword and brand into category are always good ways of diversifying your anchor text portfolio.


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