AdWords Quality Score & Tips On How To Improve It

What Is AdWords Quality Score and Why are They Important?

Adwords Quality Score

Quality score refers to an estimation of the relevance of your keywords, ads, & landing pages to the viewer of your ad. If you want to make PPC campaign cost-effective and lower cost per conversion while gaining better ad positions, you need to have a good AdWords quality score.

You can stay on top of the game by targeting appropriate keywords, creating incredible ads, and having an excellent CTA. If you do not have good quality scores though, you will be paying expensive amounts for terms that are not supposed to be expensive.

Low-quality scores are capable of destroying your site’s bottom line and producing substandard performances, but a great quality score gives you a high Return on investment (ROI).

3 factors are analyzed for relevance to generate quality score:

  • Ads
  • Keywords
  • Landing pages

Based on an AdAlysis study, the top two factors for quality score are expected CTR (39%) and landing page analysis (39%). Ad relevance follows closely at 22%. This means that a good landing page will increase your CTR above average, and improve your quality score.

How do You Benefit from a Higher Quality Score?

Quality score is a huge part of how an Ad rank is determined by Google, also known as your paid search results’ position. Paying more than another person will not make you first. If they are having a superior quality score than you, you could be easily outranked for even half the amount you spend on clicks

The more relevant your ad is or the better your quality score, your CTR will be better, and the lesser your cost per click. This means that you will entirely pay less for more traffic if your relevance or quality score is high. Additionally, a better quality score is almost a signal that you have well optimized the user experience. It does not mean that you have the best user-friendly or fastest website but implies expectations are met right from keyword search to your landing page conversion.

Tips for Raising your AdWords Quality Score Today- 3 Actionable Guidelines


  • Use SKAGs for Improving AdWords Quality Scores Quickly


The 10-20 keywords recommended by Google when setting up new AdWords campaigns barely works. Why? If your quality scores depend heavily on projected click-through-rate, ad relevance, and  landing page experience, you will barely be in a position to nail the recommended 10-20 keywords in one group.

You just cannot create ads that are targeted precisely to all the dissimilar keywords and keep waiting for a big click-through-rate. For instance, someone who searches for a men’s Henley will not click on a generic clothing ad. He will specifically want the ad saying “men’s Henley.” And in case the person clicks on that landing page, it will be difficult to have all the different products listed on keywords on the same page to stay relevant.

If you have generic, boring, non-search term specific ads, your CTR will most probably stay below average.

SKAGs will assist you focus on terms and build precise experiences which correlate directly to the expectations of the searcher. As a result, this nails all Quality score’s three portions and improves your performance while your costs reduce.


  • Make Use of Message Match


Your Quality Score is highly dependent on your site’s landing page experience as well as projected click-through-rate. An explicitly clear landing page that highlights what people will get in it makes them click faster than anything else. If someone, for instance, searches for a red khaki shirt, he will only click the ad with an evident promise to get delivered exactly the same.

An ad that matches the search is known as Message Match.  In simple terms, a message match refers to a measure of the much a landing page copy suits the link or ad’s phrasing that took a visitor there.

As a PPC marketer, you will have to match an ad copy to the headline of your landing page. A good message match will improve conversions since it assures visitors that they are in the right place.

Message match ensures that your landing page is not bad, and thus keeps your quality scores up. It perfectly works in tying your ads, keywords, and landing pages, creating an experience which meets the searcher’s needs with exact relevancy.


  • Utilize Expanded Text Ads as well as 5 Ads in an Ad group


Standard AdWords ad lengths have quite restricted spaces, which makes writing them daunting more so if you are intending to improve on quality score or relevance of your ad.  Also, trying to naturally fit keywords to short headlines is almost impossible.

Today, AdWords character length limits have been well updated since text ads with Headline 1 and 2 having a 30 character limit, and the description an 80 character limit.  If you are yet to make ad edits or have the old ones still running, you most probably are not running text ads that are fully expanded.

This means that you are limited to close to half the text amount you should use. For instance, if you are having old ads whose performance is still good, but you fear updating them to avoid messing with performance, with New AdWords’ updates, its now time.  

Start by doing a quick audit on your ad groups to see the number of ads in each of your ad group and note whether any of these are expanded text ads. Should you have below 3 ads in a single group, make up to 5 and equally run them. If you have higher quality ads, you will generate as much as 15% more clicks & conversions than would do with 1.

After a number of weeks, you will be able to determine whether your now expanded text ads give improved results. Keep testing from there, and write new ads weekly to note whether your click-through-rate will increase.

Expanded text gives you more room to work, increases your CTR, and as a result gives you a better quality score.


Your AdWords success is largely dependent on quality scores. Not only do they make you rank better, but also reduce costs. Put in the three tips above in your campaigns and within no time, you will notice a remarkable your Google AdWords quality score improved.


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