3 quick tips to help the SEO for your HVAC and Contractor company

By Terrance G Kern on July 29, 2015

This is going to be a be a quick tip, quick strike blog to help you understand what search engines are looking for when your are trying to get your HVAC Company or Contractor Company to the Top of Google.  If your in need of More in depth information about HVAC SEO services make sure you click on that link.   Nevertheless,

Step 1: Structure your content properly

This cannot be stressed enough.  If your not going to utilize the coding features required to help search engines determine the nature of you business, topic, offer, product or service your doing you entire web page a massive dis-service.  According Google Search Engine Optimization Guidelines(Google it you’ll find them in a PDF)  There are best practices when telling Google the nature of your page.  For Instance There are Title Tag’s.   You can locate your title tag by right clicking on a webpage, hitting view source and CTRL F for Title or you can simply hover over your tab in your browser and it will read it to you as demonstrated below.  Where in the Tab it say’s SEO for HVAC.



This is a crucial part to letting Google know what the topic is about.  Always remember Google is a Robot.  It can only do what you tell it to do so, if your information isn’t specific enough or incorrect it will read, index and register only what you are saying.   So the title, the url structure and the meta description are going to give Google a very Google idea of what your Category is about so, confirm it is the information you want to emphasis to Google.  After that continue to Support the main topic with variations of the “Root” topic with the rest of your page.

POINT B:   To support the main topic we are going to continue to use code to emphasis variations of the topic with supporting Header Tags and even Geographical tags if we have one or several locations.  So, we’ll want to add front and back variations to the “Root” keyword to start supporting the topic.  IE.  I’m the best HVAC company, we have affordable HVAC Services and I’m a professional HVAC Company in Texas.    Make sure your code is structured in a manner that Google can easily organize you.  That’s their mission statement by the way is to organize the worlds data.  That mean’s your business as well!

STEP 2: Get popular, authoritative and friendly!

After you have the structure correct your ready for step 2. This is assure Google you can be trusted by its end users as an authoritative source for the topic your discussing. So, if you are a Contractor providing Contracting services you’ll want to follow the same content rules above but, you’ll also want to learn more about our Contractor SEO services in more Backlinksdetail on the prior link.   What’s it really mean to get authoritative?  This is mainly accomplished by getting links or having sources reference your topic page as something worth while about that topic?  The more people you have referencing your page, commenting on your page sharing your page the more likely Google can use it as a good reference to their end users.  The whole purpose is that search engines need to trust you and do you think your going to be trusted if nobody likes you and the had nothing but bad things about you?   Of course not.

STEP 3:  Track Everything

Google analytics allows you to track everything so you should absolutely be doing so.  From phone calls to goal completions to increase in the amount of queries you are appearing for you should absolutely be tracking every little thing.  The isn’t a report or measurement you can’t do within Google Analytics.  This is why you if your not a certified partner with Google you should find one to help you out.


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