10 Ways You Can Create Compelling Content for Social Media

By Mervyn Kinuthia on February 26, 2018

Have you been having a hard time coming up with attention-grabbing content for your audience? Would you like content that encourages engagement with your followers on social media? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Below is an outline of tools you need to create content that will keep your current followers engaged and get you new subscribers on various social media platforms. These tools will have a massive impact on your social media efforts in 2018.

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Canva social media tool

Chances are you’ve already heard of Canva. But just in case you haven’t, Canva is an easy-to-use tool especially popular with non-designers. Canva makes creating social media graphics a walk in the park. Unfortunately, that’s all that people use it for. Canva can also be used to create brochures, infographics and advertisements that can be shared on various platforms.


PowToon social media tool

PowToon is to brand owners what Canva is to non-designers. Basically, using PowToon you’re able to turn your idea into a video without any video or animation skills requisite to you. Just like Canva, PowToon offers marketers a starting point through use of templates. Once you’ve customized the video, you can share it on your social media feed.

PowToon has both paid and free subscriptions so you can get a bit of practice before deciding whether it’s something you’d like to invest your resources in.


Slideshare social media tool

Since SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn, anything that’s uploaded gets synced automatically on the social media channel. SlideShare is perfect for sharing work-related graphics such as presentations. SlideShare is also connected to Facebook and Twitter, you have the option to distribute your presentation to these social media channels as well.


Magisto social media tool

Magisto hails itself as the only video editor that uses artificial intelligence. Just like with PowToon a novice will easily come up with something professional-looking videos. Using Magisto’s templates you can easily copy and paste scenes into your chosen theme. You can also add your logo, music, narration and captions.

Magisto currently has a three tier pricing package with the cheapest at $2.49/month. You can also use their 7-day free trial to figure out if Magisto is the right fit for your video editing needs.


Typeform social media tool

Any social media marketer worth their salt knows that it’s no longer sufficient to have followers. If you want to have a real impact, you must ensure that your followers engage with you and your brand online.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by asking a question which is where Typeform comes in. Typeform is a beginner-friendly quiz builder that allows you to ask your social media followers questions.

Typeform has an intuitive drag-and-drop builder that puts together different types of questions including image-based questions, multiple-choice, long or short-form answers, and yes or no replies.

Typeform is versatile in the sense that you can share it on various social media platforms but you can also encourage participation.


Playbuzz social media tool

Playbuzz is Typeform on steroids. It’s quite possible you’ve come across some of its quizzes already. Instead of offering the same tired results, Playbuzz seeks to maximize engagement by making results more interesting and fun.

Basically, you’ll need to come up with a list of questions for your audience. Once your followers are through answering all of your questions, they’ll get a 100% score on their test or alternatively they could find out something interesting about themselves, for instance, there are more like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

Your followers are more likely to share these results with their friends ultimately becoming brand ambassadors. Pretty clever huh?


Piktochart social media tool

Do you lack the skills to create your own infographic? Well, Piktochart is the answer. With Piktochart you’ll be able to take survey results and other data and turn it into a useful infographic.

When you use Piktochart, you’re able to use over 600 templates to create an eye-catching infographic that will entice your followers to share on social media.

You can sign up for a free trial and use their visual creator to create your creative. Pricing starts from $12.50/month.


Visme social media tool

Visme is a visual tool that allows you to create a number of creatives including infographics, presentations, wireframes and reports. Once you’ve created your content, you can go ahead and share your content on your social media channel, or use a URL to share it from your website.

In case you’re on the fence about the quality of service or just don’t have the budget for it, Visme has a basic package that’s free to use for as long as you want. Even though the basic package doesn’t have as many features as the paid package, it’s a great way to find out what Visme can do for you.


PodBean social media tool

Production of audio content can be a roadblock if you’re thinking of hosting your own podcasts. With Podbean that no longer should be a worry as it allows you to a professional-sounding podcast in a short time without equipment or high-tech software.

Some of the features offered by Podbean include, unlimited storage bandwidth, play store and iTunes support, a website builder and a fully featured podcast site that’s search engine optimized, reliable cloud hosting, your very own domain and branding.

Pricing starts as low as $3/month.

Lumen 5

Lumen 5 social media tool

Do you have a gnawing feeling that your blog posts can be much more than what they are? Well, sit up straight because Lumen 5 is here.

Lumen 5 uses AI technology to turn your blog posts into videos that can be easily shared on social media.

Lumen 5 works by analyzing the content of your blog post and then creating a storyboard. Next, if you don’t have graphics you can use in your video, Lumen 5 will recommend images and videos to use in your video.

The process is very easy as all you’ll have to do is use an intuitive drag and drop process.

There are paid packages as well as a free package that’s full of useful features.

BIGVU Teleprompter

BigVu Teleprompter social media tool

Are you always forgetting your script when making YouTube videos? BIGVU Teleprompter eliminates the need for multiple retakes by displaying your script while you record. You can also use its video editor to spice up your video while adding captions and changing the background.


Animoto social media tool

Animoto is an easy to use service that makes it possible for you to convert your video clips and photos into slideshows. In addition, it allows you to create square videos. Studies show that square videos consistently outperform landscape videos as far as engagement is concerned.

Animoto is therefore something you’ll need in your toolkit if you want your video marketing strategy to succeed.

Pricing starts at $8/month. Pricier tiers offer more features and functionality.

Animatron Wave

Animatron Wave social media tool

Animatron Wave is a tool that comes highly recommended by social media heavy hitters such as Peg Fitzpatrick and Mari Smith. Animatron Wave is focused more on creating videos that are meant for social media.

By using Animatron Wave you gain access to their stock photo library with over 2.5 million images. There’s a bit of a learning curve to using this video creation tool. Thankfully, they provide short video tutorials.

Pricing starts out at $39/month (paid annually).


Rocketium social media tool

Rocketium makes it possible for anyone to create advertising or social media videos in minutes. Using Rocketium it’s possible to switch between multiple video orientations including square, portrait and landscape.

An additional feature that’s very beneficial, is the fact that Rocketium automatically resizes your captions and media files.

Rocketium is perfect for small teams that don’t have a budget yet for video creation as it offers a free package alongside it’s paid features.

Pricing for the paid packages starts from $49/month.


Crello social media tool

Crello is a graphic design tool that is similar to Canva. What makes Crello distinct though is that it offers 10,000 design templates for free as well as 65 million stock images and 11,000 design elements.

Just likew with Canva, Crello showcases graphics made with the tool to offer inspiration. You can then use these templates to customize your image using the Crello editor.

Crello is free to use though you might have to pay to use some of the images.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark social media tool

Adobe Spark is a free tool with a paid option that allows you to quickly create videos, web stories and images for free. Using Adobe Spark, you’re able to create images, videos, stories and quotes in a fast and easy way.

Some of the features include color palettes, style suggestions and resizing.


Stencil social media tool

Stencil is a tool that aims to allow you to create your social media images in a short amount of time. One of the things that sets Stencil apart from its competition, is that in addition to the web app, Stencil also has browser extensions that can help you create images on any website you’re on.


Infogram social media tool

Infogram is a Piktochart alternative that allows you to create various creative including maps, charts and infographics.

Infogram goes the extra mile to ensure that you’re able to beautifully represent your data visually by providing 500 different types of maps, 35 type charts as well as a million icons and images to help you visualize your data beautifully.

GIPHY Capture

Giphy social media tool

Are you trying to create a viral meme? Giphy is exactly what it sounds like. Giphy is a tool that allows you to capture anything on your screen with just a few clicks and it’s absolutely free.

You can also use it to record a demo.

Hopefully, these tools will help take your social media engagement to the next level.

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